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DH, long nights, and a weekend funshow, oh my!



Poor DH, he's been hit with a bunch of OT this week. Last night he didn't get home until 9pm! It's been wacky for him all week with lots of 'problem children' work tickets. Pretty much all we did last night was tuck the Monkeys in bed, and crash ourselves.


I did however, manage to get the stove cleaned up, and buy the right parts to fix the burners! I've been cooking on the two small elec ones for about 6mo and it's been driving me nuts. Now to go back to Lowes today, to exchange the un-needed new burner, and get another replacement receptacle and DH will wire that in tonight maybe...wow, the thought of having a stove with all 4 burners working! The plus-side is the receptacles are a LOT cheaper than new burners!


Still have a list of stuff to do by Saturday, but hopefully we will get to go to the local "funshow" if our sitter is available. That's almost like getting a 'date night' with DH! :D


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