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In like an icebox, out like an oven?



Gosh, after last week's 80deg temps, the last couple of days have been downright frigid! Sub-freezing temps, mucho wind, and the sunshine just didn't help warm stuff up enough. So why am I feeling grouchy? I'm on the downhill side of the monthly thing, so that's not it. DH has been in a good mood, so that's not it. Stress? Yeah, I suppose so, and some odd dreams, but......maybe I'm suddenly feeling old. I think that's a big part of it.


So much to do and so little time to do it. Preps are mostly ok, though the diet might get a bit boring. We would survive. Storm season is coming, literally, not just figuratively, and I need to get the shelter re-worked. After the canned goods explosion, I need to restock some stuff & reorganize down there a bit. I just don't seem to have the enthusiasm needed to actually get it done.


I guess this post is a bit pointless, and uninteresting, but I will go ahead and post it. Hope everyone's week is better than last week.





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Vic, it's the time of year and the news and the stress of life. Don't let it get you down. Plunge forward. Get some sun if there is any, even if it's cold out--and remember to PRAY and BREATHE! Hugs If it helps to know, I've been feeling exactly as you describe.

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I can understand the 'pointless and uninteresting'. But, sometimes this is what life is. Bravo to you for recognizing it and telling the truth. SO many times, we want life to be a certain way...I find there's lots to be said for the 'in-between' times...like now. It's when growth and reflection really do occur and we don't know it :)



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