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Rainy Days & Bread Days...



Well it has finally rained in North Texas. Somewhere in excess of 4" this week, all of it slow-falling and soaking in well, but all of it MUCH needed too! Though it does mean that the grass is going to need mowing. Supposedly it will be sunny tomorrow, but I won't believe it until I see it. ;)


Yesterday I decided I was tired of buying store-bought bread. I haven't been able to make bread from my stored wheat since 1/8 and my surgery. I don't have a mixer--I AM the mixer & kneader of the 10C dough ball...and the shoulder I had rebuilt is my dominant arm, so there was no way I was going to stir anything! Still, now that I've started PT, I decided to see how badly it pained me to make a 3 loaf batch. Well, Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition! It didn't hurt much at all! I turned out 3 suitably tasty loaves, and now know I don't have to spend #1.30/loaf on cheap sandwich bread any more!


I was even able to stockpile some decent meat yesterday at the store--rump roasts on sale for $1.99/#, and country pork ribs (bone in) for $0.99/#. DH has been out in the rain & cold all week (highs in the upper 20's all week) and asked for potroast, taters, carrots & gravy (a true comfort food for him, and with a rump roast I was able to concoct a very tasty dinner last night, to the point that his reply was "You can shoot me, and I'll die happy!". I told him the insurance money wasn't enough to keep me in the style I was accustomed to! :lol:


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LOL - we laugh all the time about ins. money.


I made Irish Soda Bread for St. Patty's Day and it was the BEST ever. You've inspired me to make a run to our grain store for more grains so I can bake more!


Great job!



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