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Silly Valentine's Day Gift



My husband and I aren't big Valentine's Day folks. We might go out to dinner sometime that week and I might get flowers, but nothing too big. You see, as lovely as flowers are and as yummy as chocolates are, I don't refuse them, but I believe they have a time and place. I don't want them just because MOST women get them, I want them to be special…like the pink roses I got over a week ago. :wub:


BUT, DH is a romantic. He wants a special day to be special….so…..I really have to fight to get him to NOT spend money – like last year.


Last year, monies were so tight around the Sweetheart's Holiday, we had a quiet dinner at home and let the holiday pass us by. I think I requested something depressing like a clean living room. Ummm...barely got it. :D He really wanted to get me something neat...but we just couldn't afford it.


This year, with DH's new job, I got a surprise gift…early, in fact.


Imagine my surprise a couple of weeks ago when he tells me to 'measure my foot, please and never-mind why.' So, I do, not knowing what he's up to. I was stymied - he NEVER chooses my shoes, for I'm such a picky shoe person. So, earlier this week, a big box comes in the mail. When he gets home, he nonchalantly announces, "Oh, this is your Valentine's Gift. Here. You can open it now."


I open the box and squeal like a girl…I have a pair of ADULT size galoshes that look like lady-bugs! I've been wanting a pair of rubber boots for the garden and was going to go buy a pair at Bi-Mart for $8…but ….the colors there were really ugly…. green… brown… black… hunter colors. Nothing wrong with them, they were perfectly servicable, just not pretty. Sigh. I so wanted something pretty.


My dear husband also remembered that every time I've been in the Target garden section for the past few years during gardening season, I've commented on the fact, "Why don't they have adult size ladybug or alligator rubber boots?! They should sell them here, too!" According to him, I would whine about it…not true. Lamenting, yes….great lamenting. Great sighing, huge disappointment – why do the children get to have all the fun? After all, they are SO DARN CUTE!


What touched me the most is that he remembered. He took some of his hard-earned money and spent it on something he knew that I needed but also in a way that put a smile on my face. I know it's a silly thing, but it made me feel special.


You can bet I was jumping up and down, laughing like a little kid, touched that he remembered.


Now, if only it would rain!


P.S. If I wiggle my toes in the boots, it makes the eyes move up and down. :24:


P.P.S. for a pic of the boots, go here




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what a wonderful present you recieved. It's extra special because he remembered and got you something you really wanted,, I've never seen ladybug golashes,, i wonder how hard he had to look to find them. regardless, I'm glad you had a great Valentines Day, after having money problems for a while you certainly deserve something new and cute.

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