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I finally got it



I finally got the MRI report. It ain't good. Seems I have two herniated disc between L1 and L3. It also shows nerve entrapment. Wife says if there is a reason for surgery, nerve entrapment is it. My doctor is out untill this Wednesday so I have to wait until then to get recomendations. Wife says that maybe physical therapy may help, I don't think so. I really don't want to go thru surgery again, it ain't fun plus there goes this years garden. So I sit and wait.....




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So sorry 'bout this!!! I hope that you can resolve it!


Don't despair over the garden thing! You can still do it, just not the same way...think container gardening...also table gardening!! Google gardening for the handicapped for loads of good ideas!


Ya can still get down and dirty, see!


While you're Googling around, maybe also look up anti-inflammatory herbs and foods, to supplement what you're already doing?


Bestest wishes,


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Oh...Any way to delegate the gardening? Hoping that all goes well. Perhaps it's best to fix this rather than wait, even if it is going to be not fun. {{WG}}

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