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A Letter To Procrastination



Dear Procrastination,

I am so glad I have this tool, of writing to you, it will allow me to express my feelings about you and the role you are playing in my life. Procrastination, you have really jumbled up my life. When I realized how helpless you make me feel, the lies you tell me, how much of the devil is in you, it certainly ticked me off. I do hate the grip you have had on me in the past, and the insiduous way you still, so subtly, sneak into my every day life still, despite the actual fact that I am working to get rid of you. Despite my low energy, my chronic fatigue and fibro affecting me and my back getting painful periodically.

My place is small and still cluttered, and it is distracting and frustrating that it takes me so long to organize it, partly because of the above factors, but mostly because of you Procrastination, as the physical stuff is improving. Having to wait constantly to be able to go get things just to organize my place is a sore point, I admit, with lack of money and transportation at hand. The clutter is a distraction and you use that as a weapon with me. Make it seem overwhelming in my mind. But, Procrastination, you can take ANY issue, any concern or worry, and you make me feel absolutely rotten all the way through me if you can. ( You can be quite successful with this, especially when I see how much others do get done from day to day. )

Well, Dear Procrastination", I have been and will continue to take steps, babysteps some days, bigger steps on other days, when I feel true, clear, strong motivation or need to do a chore, a projec, hem up some second hand pants, tear up and throw out cardboard, a tedious task here since I cannot recycle from where I reside, move that pile of books, clean my kitchen or my bedroom, simply to make that little effort that truly overcomes you and I know I am now winning battles more and more with you.





P.S. BTW, The Lord is on my side in this matter! He can do anything! You, Procrastination, are nothing compared to Him. As long as I remember this and remind myself, I will win the war against you, Procrastination.

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:thumbs: Good job arby!! I'm so glad you are blogging! Keep it up!


That old enemy procrastination has been on my case a good bit too, be we won't let him win!

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