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  1. How is everyone? Just figured out I can use this wee bitty cell phone to chat and read the site. Oh my goodness! Waiting' to start internet for laptop in several weeks probably. :))
  2. Hmm first time using this format for website. okay.... using tablet. new laptop would not bring up out of sleep mode, would not turn back on.....etc etc...... are my last 60 pages of book toast, its an awesome book! aaargh. unbelievable.....contacting HP tomorrow. ugh. I woke up to badly behaving laptop this morning. DGD Fiore had toungue surgery for tongue tied problem, parents are having to treat at home for her recovery......scream city when they massage under the toungue, she is only less that two months old but growing up just fine ...please say a prayer for Fiore andher parents. DS ran a half marathon today. He did well.
  3. Well it looks like I will be doing some raised beds with straw bales this year.
  4. Starting to get in my heirloom seeds and picked up some cilantro seeds. I love cilantro! It has been so windy I am holding off getting some torn up dirt for starting my seeds but I have quite a few containers. Need to get more dollar pudding packs from the dollar store that opened up , those containers work great and are easy to stack and store when I don't need them any more. Doing a little knitting today too, need to do up the second sock on this clover colors yarn . I love these colors! It would make a delightful sweater. LIghtweight, but warm and colorful.
  5. chianti and liver and fava beans, uh huh. nah.
  6. I never heard that Jeepers but I don't have any of that ancestry in me. Yea, bring on the chianti. lol. Been taking notes on my garden seed orders and sort of grouping them to think of the garden beds I can do with them.
  7. Waiting on seeds in the mail now..... still digging through boxes that are like going down the rabbit hole in Alice and Wonderland books and haven't located any of my heirloom seeds. grrrrr, so I ordered some..... sigh. Should have plenty ..... Also ordered some type of teperary bean grown by southwestern natives so should be good for chili beans or maybe refrieds? They have a little blue on them not just tans and darker browns. I also ordered a red Italian grown fava bean, because I heard red fava's were healthier ? Can anyone tell me about fava bean nutrition? I ordered a nice bluish green looking melon with orange flesh inside and winter squashes and spaghetti squashes all in heirloom seeds. I also ordered a stringless bush type green bean, and thought they would be nice eating. ( that order was part of amazon order though.) I also ordered 25 everbearing strawberry plants. Charentais Melon
  8. WE also have high fire dangers most days, lately.
  9. It will warm up to 74F daytime temps and above freezing at night here in my spot in NE. By Saturday- Sunday. It is sometimes warmer than forecast by up to 5 degrees too, so far this year for my spot.
  10. Oh, ordered a silicone based keyboard cover. Price was good, lol.
  11. subscribed to microsoft office 365 personal edition of Office programs. 6.99 per month. Not a bad deal.
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