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Sweetened Iced Tea Recipe



4 tea bags

1 gallon warm tap water

1/2 cup sugar


Fill a glass gallon jug with warm (or cold) tap water. I'm impatient, so I start with warm water. My jug was originally sold with organic apple juice it in, but I've kept it and reused it many, many times.


Add tea bags to jug, making sure they are under water. Place jug in sunshine for a few hours until tea is brewed to your satisfaction.


Remove tea bags. Pour off a bit of tea (to make room) and add 1/2 cup sugar. Place jug in fridge to chill and allow sugar to dissolve.


Once cold, transfer tea to portable reusable "water" bottles and/or reused gatorade bottles. I like to put about 2 inches of tea in the bottom of a gatorade bottle and freeze it. When I'm ready to go somewhere, I top it off with cold tea and go!


33 calories per 8 oz cup

66 calories per pint

83 calories per 20 oz gatorade bottle


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