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Day 5



Don't tell anyone, but, it's really day 6. Yesterday was just so ridiculously busy that I didn't do anything that would be considered a challenge.


Today was better.


Prep something: I found 4 boxes of empty canning jars I had gotten from Freecycle and stashed (and forgotten about). They're soaking in hot water. Once they're washed they'll be filled with some prep item (rice, pasta or something) so they can won't take up as much space.


Cook something: Made smoothies with peaches and strawberries from the garden.


Reduce waste: We donated and consigned a huge amount of stuff. I'm liking the empty spaces I'm beginning to see and the fact that I'm getting my prep stuff organized.



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I organized my buckets so that all the beans are in one place, the oats in one place and the rice, popcorn, pasta, flour likewise. I think this will increase the chances of our rotating properly.


I cooked something new - Minnesota Wild Rice (Serendipity sent me) in my new Rice Cooker (HSMom sent me). A big thank you to the two of them!! We ate part of the rice with some General Tso chicken and the rest of it is now in a pot becoming a chicken and rice soup.


I still haven't checked out my consignment shop in the area (new) I should do that tomorrow! Thanks for the reminder! :)

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