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Tuesday Challenge



Plant Something and Work on your local food systems: I picked up a dozen freebie tomato transplants from our local university. These will go in the work garden over the next few days. We are going to be overflowing with tomatoes come August! This is a good thing...the hope is that we will have so much that we can send a lot home with the childrens families. (And I plan to can some :) ) It's really interesting how the children are so different with gardening. About 90% of the kids in my classroom live in apartments and have no access to any kind of gardening. Our garden is right next to our play yard , so when we are outside, the children have access as much as they want. Some aren't interested much at all. A couple really only want to come in when we are watering. But, there are 2 boys and 1 girl who are very interested in this. From the beginning, they are the ones who always wanted to help when we started out with our container gardens. When we started some plants from seeds they were the first ones at the table to help and the ones who checked everyday on the seeds growth. Now that we are using our garden beds they're the ones who are in the garden each time(they spend most of our outside time hanging out in the garden)...wanting plant something, checking on what we've already planted and smelling our scented pants(yarrow, anise, mints and rosemary). I'm so excited about this! I love seeing kids who are interested in gardening....


Cook something: My goal is to clear out the freezer about and use up bulky goods before we move. So, today we had a boxed pasta dish with hot dogs (found in the freezer) and more of our masonades( I have a lot of frozen lemon juice).



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One of my little ones (5yr old ds) has a Favorite Shirt - It says "My favorite Color is Dirt"! :D


He's REALLY into gardening, he loves loves loves it! All of my children enjoy it, but he and my oldest ds14 are the ones who just can't seem to get enough.

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