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Day 23



I'm noticing that I "stop by" the grocery store a lot. I used to have a specific day that I shopped (while the kids were in an activity - which they no longer are), but now I tend to go whenever. I need to get back into menu planning. Anyway, here are my recent purchases, a combo of the store and the fruit market:

Gallon milk, bananas, roma tomatoes, spinach, a single jalapeno pepper, 5lbs chicken thighs, fresh cilantro, green onions, head lettuce. Total $19.21.

I made some pico de gallo. It took me about 20 minutes and cost under $2 for about the same amount as the store sells for $4. It'll be even cheaper when I have ripe tomatoes and peppers in the garden. YUM!!


Yesterday, I taught my 10-year-old to make flour tortillas; she LOVES making them and eating them. We had a couple leftover and found that when rewarmed with a wet paper towel, they soften right up again. It makes me wonder what all they put in store-bought ones to keep them so soft. Yuk.


Today, dh is assembling and mounting my Country Living Grain Mill. I got it for Chirstmas - not last Christmas, but the one before! It's about time I got around to using it. I hadn't been cooking much the past few months, so my whole grain flours have gone rancid. I didn't have any in large quantities, fortunately. That was why I bought some plain old white flour last week. I do have two types of wheat berries on hand: Hard White Wheat and Soft White Wheat. The HWW is high in gluten and good for yeast applications; the texture and color of the product is said to be lighter than Hard Red Wheat. The Soft White Wheat is where "whole wheat pastry flour" comes from. It is good for non-yeast applications, such as tortillas, muffins, cookies, biscuits and so on.


We're getting lots of fruit from our landscape and I see some veggies in the near future. I'm seeing that we are eating more healthy foods, and I've lost three pounds.

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We'll be making tortillas today. There are so many of us that it involves a LOT of rolling. So, I just ordered a Tortilla Press (cast iron) from Amazon. It says it is for corn and flour tortillas, so I guess we shall see.


I still haven't opened my Grain Mill either!! ;) But, I will someday! Be sure to let us know about your experience with it!!

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