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Canning time again



Well, I fizzled out when I got the peaches a few weeks ago. My back couldn't stand the strain of standing and peeling. I ended up giving 3 1/2 boxes away. At least someone got use out of them. Tomorrow wifey and I will go on the great tomato hunt. There is a nearby town that is noted for raising them. A co-worker lives near the town and said that due to the wet spring everyone got them out late and hopefully there should be plenty this weekend.


We need 14 bushels do what we have planned, but we're only going to get six bushels this time. I can't take the risk of my back not holding up and losing them like the peaches. I made a large pot of chili today and will can that tomorrow while we are preping the tomato's. Hopefully I won't have too take too many drugs to keep going.













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Sounds like busy and productive days ahead. I need to can some more pinto beans and baked beans, they are so wonderful to have on hand. Take care and pace yourself! :hug3:

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