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Tomato Day



Well we had a few glitches in our plans today. Wifey didn't get to go with me so I went hunting alone. I went to a place I had got tomatos two years ago and lucked out. They had four boxes of #2's for $10.00 a 25 lb. box. As we were loading them up I asked for a phone number to make sure they would have them available when I'm ready for more. It's a 100 mile round trip, but locally the same box's go for $20.00 and up.


The lady there said, see that guy that just pulled up, he will have more in his truck. She went and asked him and he said yes. So I got a total of six boxes. I also got his phone number for my next trip and he said he would have them with no problem.


About half of the tomatos are really ripe and the other half are not ripe enough to do anything with. I started trying to make quartered tomatos but found out they were too soft. So, I decided to make juice instead. I had cut up 1 1/4 boxes by this time so I got the juicer out and got ready. We got 8 quarts of juice and since I have 81 quarts of chili to make I have decided to turn all of this into juice for the chili.


Kroger had their ground beef on sale, $5.99 for 5 lbs. and I bought 35 lbs. Wednesday. I made a batch yesterday and canned 9 quarts today while I was prepping the tomatos. So the plan is to take the frozen meat out tonight and get it thawing and can as much chili tomorrow as we can.


My back did pretty well, I only had to take one muscle relaxer tonight. Tomorrow may be a different story.












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