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Wow...neglected this blog for a while, eh?



Wow, it really has been a while since I looked in on this little blog! I meant to write in the intervening months, but somehow never got around to it. Well, we have celebrated 2 Monkey birthdays since my last post, had one heck of a hot summer, and it isn't even August yet, and dealt with nagging health issues for DH. Oh, and my mom visited this month for a few days--her first trip here, since Dad died. We had a nice visit, and my jam making adventures during her visit, have inspired her to try apple jelly today.


Sold some stuff and bought other things preps related. Been working with DH to pay down debt, and 'to go all Dave Ramsey' on other debts...Still worried about the potential for a work strike against DH's employer. The contract offers & negotiations have, well, simply sucked.


The last couple days have been much cooler, only into the 90's here in DFW. Rain too, has come along. That's nice as it means I don't have to water as much, though it makes for killer humidity.




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