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85# of BCR Redux...



Remember this blog?


Early this morning, suddenly, I hear a wee "CHIRRUP" noise. Now, I had replaced 2 smoke detector batteries earlier this month, so I waited to see if I heard it again. Blast it! "CHIRRUP". Again...about every 30 seconds. I couldn't tell exactly which of the half dozen of the things it was, but it sounded somewhat fainter than last time, so I was guessing it was in a Monkey bedroom.


Suddenly, after the latest CHIRRUP, there was a whining, frantic cold wet nose stuffed in my face, followed shortly after by a pair of paws on my head! Much spluttering aside, I shoved the offending mutt off the bed, whereupon he promptly did it again after the next CHIRRUP. Shoved off again, I realized dimly that he was shaking like a leaf--terrified of the CHIRRUP. Now, this is a large Rhodesian Ridgeback...3 times or more he tried to crawl into my bed (not permitted). He tried hiding under the bed--I even let him into the warm bathroom with the 2nd RR, and DH, where he sat shook & whined most piteously...


Well, this morning, at 5:45am, I was rudely awoken as a whining shaking not-quite-drooling Ridgeback sought to hide in my bed from the Evil Space Alien Smoke Detector that was chirruping from the garage...From a sound sleep I was trying to figure out Why the dog was in my bed, occupying DH's spot without the attendant Marine Corps Language from DH! And where on earth was DH? I knew he was on pager duty, but I am the one to answer the phone if it rings at night, and I could not for the life of me remember any callouts. Turns out DH had just gotten up and saw the dog freaking out, and thought he had heard the CHIRRUP, and had wandered down the hall to investigate.


Maybe the dog is afraid the smoke detector is trying to echo locate his few remaining brain cells? Sheesh...what a Big Chicken Ridgeback!



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