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So the Russian Mob ate my computer...



Just when you thought it was safe to click on the upside down picture of OBL on the Drudge Report last weekend....I sure hope you did NOT do it like we did...there was a most evil computer virus embedded in that. It ate my computer. It installed some malware called INternet Securite 2010, and then when we tried with some professional grade disinfectant to clean the drive, it nuked our access to it. In fact when we gave the drive to a friend of a friend in the biz, so to speak, it managed a cross-platform, cross-OS lock up of his Por MAC unit...they're not supposed to be able to do THAT!


We knew it was bad, when our IT friend said, "Wow...I've never seen THAT before!".


We had to get a new machine...luckily we had been planning on upgrading anyway, just not then. Oh well.


The last thing we saw before they nuked the drive was rambler.ru which is a russian domain. So we blame the Russkies for this.


Lesson learned? Don't visit the Drudge Report any more. :( Too bad, but that's twice now we got hit from thier site, so it's now off limits. Have to get our news elsewhere.

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That is just awful!!! I visit Drudge everyday for news and I haven't had this happen....guess I will be a little more careful.

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