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Food Challenge



Over at Preparedness Pro a challenge has been issued to go two weeks without going to the grocery store for food or household supplies sometime during the month of August. My family is going to start tomorrow. We've actually been kind of doing this for the past 2 weeks to reduce some of our short term storage...less to have to move. But, I had a small budget for fresh produce since I didn't do a garden this year. The challenge I have this time is that the fresh produce I have now is not going to last 2 weeks. "sigh"


Anyone interested in trying this? If we can't do 2 weeks comfortably...well...that wouldn't be good....




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How are you doing with this? I've done the 2 weeks, then a month, then 2. That's about all I can do comfortably without really upsetting the apple cart.

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Oops! I forgot I posted about this here. I started a thread in Urban Homesteading about the challenge and have been posting there.



In some ways it went really well...I have a lot more food than I thought. One problem that came up was when several days into the challenge I cut a large chunk out of one of my knuckles. The healing process has been hard and it created issues because I am the main cook. I discovered I need to have more things that can be thrown in a pot to be heated up. This is one thing that has always worried me...what if I'm the one who gets the flu?

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