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Yesterday's Preps



I got really busy yesterday and didn't get to post, but here is what I got:

25 lbs. sugar

25 lbs hamburger

4 boxes family size tea bags

more toilet paper (of course)

3 family size packs of bologna and hot dogs


It isn't a lot, but a little at a time is the way to go if you have a budget like mine.


Today we are working outside, getting the shed organized, and trying to see how many totes we can empty so I have more storage. My SIL is supposed to get her stuff out of the shed on Monday so that will give me more room. Hopefully my MIL will be moving into her new house soon and that will give me my extra room back. She has been living with us until the house is ready and I really need that room for my preps.


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Hi Anna,

Does any of this food get wasted, go "off" etc. b4 you use it? I know things like sugar keep for ages but generally would you say that you use it all?

I got stuck when Y2K was supposed to hit. I stored everything. Even things with long shelf life was still sitting there after 3 years ...

Maybe I need more discipline to use what I have and not change the menu midstream because of what I saw in a cookery magazine ...

Cheers Pauline

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You should always use your food storage and continue to restock from the back. Use your oldest stuff first. I keep a sharpie in my food storage pantry and date everything. When I replenish something I alway place it in the back behind what is oldest. You should not store stuff food stuffs that you will not use. Just my 2 cents worth. Yes some stuff can go bak

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