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Just Another Day On The Farm





Today it is pouring. Rain is expected for the next 2-3 days. The wind is blowing very hard, but it's not cold out to snow. I had to go out in the rain and it felt good, and of course I am soaked but I am not minding.


Knowing it was going to rain, I started chili yesterday and finished it up this morning. It is a great Chili day!


I am cleaning kitchen cupboards (again). After Christmas the kids came for two weeks and bless their hearts, they put everything in the wrong place! I have to get organized because I am going to try to do 8 units at the college this semester. Two classes are tough sewing classes but haven't been offered at night in years! I prefer the students in the evening classes, like the one day a week of 5 hours in the class. We get so much more done in One 5 hour class then in 2 classes a week at 2.5 hours.


I bet the dogs would like a nice warm meal! oh but if I bring them in, they are soaked! they have places to get out of the rain and they choose to lay in it! If I let them in I will be washing walls as they shake. Hummmmmmm maybe I will rethink that! Still, I could heat some water and pour over their dry food, sprinkle a little 'goat milk replacer' over it and I know they would love it.







another set of triplets born this morning. Of course nothing as exciting as Darlene's 10 puppies born today. I am so jealous... she is gonna have puppy breath! I admit it, I like puppy breath.


It has been very warm these last few days, in the 80's and now the weather people are calling for rain for the next 3 days. I am trying to put in a new strawberry patch!






Today I went to town to pick up a few items for the week. I stopped at Micheal's to pick up another package of Red glittered Heart ornaments for my Valentine tree.


I had 3 kids born, Mini Nubians, white with blue eyes, 2 bucks and 1 doe... and so it begins, kidding season. I had hoped that kidding season would have started in early January but... it is what it is.


I am working on a jacket for my Grandson while making a huge pot of chili for tomorrow night's dinner.


I noticed flowers on my strawberry plants, boy are they confused! They are June barring and I have a couple of flowers peeking out?


My garden is alive with flowers that have been blooming since October and will continue blooming through May. I love the paper white Narcissus, as well as the yellow ones... to smell them go here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissus_(genus) did you smell them? No? oh.


And so my Blog begins.

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I love your blog Westie! I'll be visiting often! And whatever do you mean? Of course I could smell the flowers! ::grinning mischieviously::

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