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  1. Protecting livestock... you can't! you could loose your life over a few chickens? buy powdered eggs if you have to have eggs, learn to use apple sauce or flax seed but attempt to protect a half dozen chickens when your neighbors are starving? I think the word "Zombie" would describe your neighbors. It is interesting to listen to the lack of noise in my community during a snow storm.... ok so we have wee wee snow storms, none-the-less it snows and no one is driving, people are in their houses trying to stay dry and warm and when the power goes out.... the silence is earr
  2. Onto Gov. Survival....... I can only talk about Southern California, specifically Los Angeles and Los Angeles County.... after WWII we all know there was an influx in the population. Community Centers were build, new schools, Libraries, and government offices. Many of these facilities were build with basements or bomb shelters ours were stocked with food and water and everyone knew when the alarm went off.... other then the last Friday of the month at 10 am... to get your family into these shelters. If buildings were built between late 40's through early 60's.. they probably have a
  3. Ben Bernanke once again wants to print more money! wheel barrows to buy 1 loafof bread!!!!!!
  4. >> We all expect natural disasters to happen...fire, tornado, earthquakes, floods, etc., and everyone needs to be prepared for these! Me? I am prepared for earthquakes! if all of the overpasses fall I will not get any food until they are cleared and if the mountains fall across the roads.. it may be a month or more before I see any way to pass to get to a town to get to food. Because it "could" happen I have made provisions to be able to live until help arrives. Fire? that would wipe outmy home and I would buy a trailer or build a sand bag house as a temporary measure... then
  5. I hope everyone that reads these books to their children enjoy them as much as I did! Mary Francis is the star of a series of books written in the early 1900's. I amlisting them all. They are available in both hard back and soft back if you are like me and want to hold them! The Mary Frances cook book; or, Adventures among the kitchen people (1912)http://www.archive.o...ncescookb00frye The Mary Frances sewing book; or, Adventures among the thimble people (1913)http://www.archive.o...ncessewin00frye Easy Steps in Housekeeping; Or, Mary Frances' Adventures Am
  6. I was looking at a pinner that has over 5000 pins for prepping.. mostly canning but among the pins was this http://www.etsy.com/listing/85620752/trespassers-will-be-eaten-by-zombies?ref=af_new_item thought it was too cute not to share! enjoy!
  7. Westie! I've not 'heard' from you for a while. I know you were very sick from chemo and Darlene wouldn't say how you were. Hope all is well. Hugs and blessings!

  8. I said I have a large upright freezer... may turn it into a root cellar... http://www.waldeneffect.org/blog/Refrigerator_root_cellar_chimney_cap/ could be a smoker too! right now... I have a thermostat on it... to keep it right above freezing and I cure my meat in it. It is ok, sort of works but the freezer uses so much energy even with a temperature restrictor on it that it may pay for me to buy a new/used newer large refrigerator and just keep it on coldest.
  9. I was running by and tripped as I was looking at the subject line... so while here I will throw in my quarters worth (inflation you know) by the largest chest you can with obvious limitations with space and money. I am 4'11" and have not problems with mine! silly ladies.. climb in! sheesh! when you need to clean it out.. just climb in! it is so simple....or.. oh dear husband!!!! with the issue of it being so deep and I do use a step stool.. I have cooking oil lining the bottom of my freezers.. yes I have more then 1. The oil keeps about 20 years according to the LDS sites and it ra
  10. hello! I am slowing down... pinterest is my new bookmarks..just sharing. Nice to see you.
  11. found this at pinterest..... http://www.grandpappy.info/hnow.htm thought it might help some of the new members. It is a what if with some advise.
  12. I love technology! I am stalking you Arby... never fear.... I got your back!
  13. oh girl... you are stalked!
  14. I am now stalking anewme! ROFL!!!! ah, follow..stalk... it's all the same! 'cept stalking clothing is a bit different then following clothes! I should start a new line of clothing "stalker" and trench coats would be a must! LOLOLOLOL!
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