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  1. Protecting livestock... you can't! you could loose your life over a few chickens? buy powdered eggs if you have to have eggs, learn to use apple sauce or flax seed but attempt to protect a half dozen chickens when your neighbors are starving? I think the word "Zombie" would describe your neighbors. It is interesting to listen to the lack of noise in my community during a snow storm.... ok so we have wee wee snow storms, none-the-less it snows and no one is driving, people are in their houses trying to stay dry and warm and when the power goes out.... the silence is earry, but let a rooster crow or a hen cluck announcing the arrival of an egg and it echos up and down the canyon. It is the same with a generator... the loud noise it makes is enough not to run it! Goats or even sheep, a cow all make so much noise that it invites outsiders in. Enjoy what you have but be prepared to not have your chickens. If you are after meat...rabbits!!! since rabbits fall into both livestock and pets, no need to get permits or approval for rabbits, but for eggs... enjoy them whilem you yhave them and if all you want is eggs.... Ideal Hatchery, Ideal 236 is the type and found under leghorns https://secuservices.com/ideal/newideal/Products.aspx?Category=Leghorns really small bird that lays a nice med. egg. they lay their little hearts out! and can lay most of the winter. Once in a while I get a setter and what great moms they make.
  2. Onto Gov. Survival....... I can only talk about Southern California, specifically Los Angeles and Los Angeles County.... after WWII we all know there was an influx in the population. Community Centers were build, new schools, Libraries, and government offices. Many of these facilities were build with basements or bomb shelters ours were stocked with food and water and everyone knew when the alarm went off.... other then the last Friday of the month at 10 am... to get your family into these shelters. If buildings were built between late 40's through early 60's.. they probably have a basement though the food and water is long gone. Times have changed and the people here in the US no longer matter, after all....it is easy to repopulate! however, in Russia, they have bomb shelters or fall out shelters down in the sewer system! enough to handle the entire population! fast forward to Y2K! all the government officals be it city or county of Los Angeles had a facility that has 9 floors underground. Equiped with the latest radios, small hospital and medicines, beds for them and their families, cameras to view what goes on above ground and on the day before the roll over... everyone was in their place! Y2K did not go off with out a glitch.... there were lots of problems with the fire and police departments. the radio communications the fire, police, forestry and so on use are on the tops of mountains.. we have mountains here >smile< and at each mountain top facility the old diesel generators were replaced with propane generators. Under constant use the propane generators will run forever or until they run out of propane! .. not likely. The government is self contained, you understand that we can't as a people run smoothy without ourfearless leadership (hiding underground I might add)! we aren't capable of forming our own government to help keep the peace in a chaotic situation. I am sure that what I described here in SoCal is the same every where.
  3. Ben Bernanke once again wants to print more money! wheel barrows to buy 1 loafof bread!!!!!!
  4. >> We all expect natural disasters to happen...fire, tornado, earthquakes, floods, etc., and everyone needs to be prepared for these! Me? I am prepared for earthquakes! if all of the overpasses fall I will not get any food until they are cleared and if the mountains fall across the roads.. it may be a month or more before I see any way to pass to get to a town to get to food. Because it "could" happen I have made provisions to be able to live until help arrives. Fire? that would wipe outmy home and I would buy a trailer or build a sand bag house as a temporary measure... then start rebuilding once again. >>but do you really in your heart of heart think something like we talk about will really happen? to some extent it already has. Occupy Wall Street is a well organized movement and though we haven't seen them as of late, they will be back and with more momentum then ever! the damage they did to our parks, city properties, and private businesses will never be recouped! while the parks and city properties just used out tax dollars to repair the damage, those that owned small businesses will never get their money back! OWS would be considered organized chaos and while it may not have disrupted your world on a day to day basis it did affect us all in the long run... that was a peek into what life would be like in anarchy or unorganized chaos. We are seeing food prices sky rocket... $9.68 a pound for a piece of beef? why? because everyone wants to be green so the corn is now going to make alcohol fuels and not going to feed livestock! and it is only the beginning. With the drought hitting the corn crops so hard we may see cheap meat this fall but may not see a recovery for a year or two unless we go deeper into green living and more corn goes to fuel producing and less to feed livestock to put protein on the table. As more companies cut back on their employees, more people are out of work, more homes are lost, more people have to turn to state aid... having to tax those that are working more and further putting them in hardship, everyone scrimping to make ends meet.... less money spent on things tangible goods, more companies go out of business, more people are out of work.. and on and on and on. The only people working will be government jobs... and no tax base to pay them with. A few years ago there was a meeting in my community... population 300... manditory trash pick up! the waste management company was trying to make it manditory for every household to have trash pick up and if you couldn't pay.. they would lean your house. If didn't matter if you recycled or made dump trips!!! you had to pay! needless to say it didn't happen and now we have 3 companies picking up trash in a community 40 miles from the nearest ump! $32.50 a month for pick up once a week!!! who can afford that? My water bill increased 75% this year and electric is out of this world! and I know it just isn't happening in my town but every where! We are no longer the center of the world! we are a global economy! sick of hearing it? get used to it! what that means is.... there are more middle class people in the world then ever before! though out middle class is shrinking... middle class is what drives the economy.. the term third world country is quickly disappearing. For us this means there is competition for all commidities! competition means those with the most money wins! We will never go back to the way it was.. ever! so we must move forward! prepare as our forefathers did for the long road ahead. >> Sometimes I get myself so scared i can hardly think about what I'd do.... do we get caught up in all the hype of total destruction like the books and movies show...., I think we should always be prepared, but to what extent. If you find yourself frozen with fear, ask your self why? what are you afraid of the books and movies? stop reading them and watching them!!!! they are not useful.... but they did get your money! money perhaps better spent on 50 more pounds of wheat! When you no longer fear then you are prepared! no one can be prepared for everything... but storing wheat, sugar or honey..I hate honey! and used to tend 200 hives! ok, wheat, sugar, salt, powdered milk, water and you can live forever! or as long as these items hold out. Wheat, sugar, salt will last forever, powdered milk can last 20 years! see Waltonfeed.com I started with a couple month supply and then went directly into long term storage and once that was done then back to filling in the holes. >>But are we there now, how close are we to all these things happening? Are we in the beginnings of it now, or how far in the future, I don't know I get confused. Are we there now? no one can answer that question for you.... is it beginning? for many it has already begun.... will you survive? most likely... but how well one survives will depend on not only how well prepared you are but how adaptable you can become. >>Sometimes I think I'm prepping just because I'm scared and just believing the hype of it all, then I think no, no this can and will happen someday, but will it? ok look at it this way... don't prepare and see where that gets you should society break down...that in and of itself should have you preparing for your family! just prepare and keep preparing... why? P.I.E. = Preparedness Is Empowerment! I want to recommend a book...."Passport to Survival" by Ester Dicky or her granddaughter but for the life of me can't remember her name. Don't spend more then $10 buy it used. ebay, amazon or ? it is a book on how to use the 4 basic ingredients... wheat, honey or sugar, salt, powdered milk and water. How to spout and how to use them to make salads, in breads, and more! how to make Seitan which is a wheat meat... and how to make the most wonderful meals from these basic indredients... of course you need herbs and spices. This will satisfy your long trem storage problems! just one more thing that will ease your mind.
  5. I hope everyone that reads these books to their children enjoy them as much as I did! Mary Francis is the star of a series of books written in the early 1900's. I amlisting them all. They are available in both hard back and soft back if you are like me and want to hold them! The Mary Frances cook book; or, Adventures among the kitchen people (1912)http://www.archive.o...ncescookb00frye The Mary Frances sewing book; or, Adventures among the thimble people (1913)http://www.archive.o...ncessewin00frye Easy Steps in Housekeeping; Or, Mary Frances' Adventures Among the Doll People(1914) http://www.archive.o...nhous00greegoog The Mary Frances garden book; or, Adventures among the garden people (1916)http://www.archive.o...ncesgarde00frye The Mary Frances first aid book, with ready reference list of ordinary accidentsand illnesses, and approved home remedies (c1916])http://www.archive.o...first00fryeiala The Mary Frances knitting and crocheting book; (1918)http://www.archive.o...ncesknitt00frye The Mary Frances story book, : or, Adventures among the story people (1921)http://www.archive.o...alryst00nicgoog The Mary Frances story book, : or, Adventures among the story people (1921)http://www.archive.o...lryst00wheegoog Mrs. Fryer's loose-leaf cook book : a complete cook book giving economicalrecipes planned to meet the needs of the modern housekeeper ... (1922)http://www.archive.o...osele00fryerich Our home and personal duty (c1918)http://www.archive.o...onald00fryerich
  6. I was looking at a pinner that has over 5000 pins for prepping.. mostly canning but among the pins was this http://www.etsy.com/listing/85620752/trespassers-will-be-eaten-by-zombies?ref=af_new_item thought it was too cute not to share! enjoy!
  7. Westie! I've not 'heard' from you for a while. I know you were very sick from chemo and Darlene wouldn't say how you were. Hope all is well. Hugs and blessings!

  8. I said I have a large upright freezer... may turn it into a root cellar... http://www.waldeneffect.org/blog/Refrigerator_root_cellar_chimney_cap/ could be a smoker too! right now... I have a thermostat on it... to keep it right above freezing and I cure my meat in it. It is ok, sort of works but the freezer uses so much energy even with a temperature restrictor on it that it may pay for me to buy a new/used newer large refrigerator and just keep it on coldest.
  9. I was running by and tripped as I was looking at the subject line... so while here I will throw in my quarters worth (inflation you know) by the largest chest you can with obvious limitations with space and money. I am 4'11" and have not problems with mine! silly ladies.. climb in! sheesh! when you need to clean it out.. just climb in! it is so simple....or.. oh dear husband!!!! with the issue of it being so deep and I do use a step stool.. I have cooking oil lining the bottom of my freezers.. yes I have more then 1. The oil keeps about 20 years according to the LDS sites and it raises my food up so I can reach it. Simple enough. I do have Arizona Ice Tea (the diet one) in 1 gallon containers filled with water. It is pretty simple take something out in goes a water container. Put something in out goes the water container. I don't drink soda and if I needed the bottled water I would use them. Maybe I should get some? anyway... if the power goes out the water containers keep everything frozen. If I loose water I have drinkable water. My freezers are 20 years old but are still pretty cheap to operate. when the lid is closed... makes one nice cutting table for my patterns! I have an upright freezer... gonna throw it away or use it for a root cellar... or smoker but not for freezing. buy a generator... when power goes out, fire up the generator and run it about 2 hours with a freezer plugged in. The freezer is frozen about 2 days before you need to fire up the generator again. ok... caught my breath and ready to finish my run.
  10. hello! I am slowing down... pinterest is my new bookmarks..just sharing. Nice to see you.
  11. found this at pinterest..... http://www.grandpappy.info/hnow.htm thought it might help some of the new members. It is a what if with some advise.
  12. I love technology! I am stalking you Arby... never fear.... I got your back!
  13. oh girl... you are stalked!
  14. I am now stalking anewme! ROFL!!!! ah, follow..stalk... it's all the same! 'cept stalking clothing is a bit different then following clothes! I should start a new line of clothing "stalker" and trench coats would be a must! LOLOLOLOL!
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