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  1. I remember her and I'm so sorry to hear this.
  2. Kappydell - I have never had boiled peanuts. Are the commercially canned kind you buy at Wal-Mart good? Wondering what the texture is like, are they soft?
  3. I thought I had escaped the flu and then came down with it mid April! It's taken 3+ weeks to get to feeling fully better. I have been taking Vit C & Vit D+K, magnesium and some other supplements. I added elderberry syrup, oscillocium and throat coat tea when I got sick. Hopefully, the flu season is almost over. Geesh!
  4. Prayers - I hope your family is doing better tonight.
  5. Welcome back! I remember you! I was gone for a couple years and I'm back now too.
  6. Hello everyone, I took a break for awhile and then everyday life got busy and I've been away for awhile. It's freezing in the midwest - as well as most of the country today, so I've got a cup of coffee and I'm browng to see what everyone's been up. Wishing each of you a Happy New Year!
  7. What a cute puppie - I"m sorry your year has started so badly I pray for smooth days ahead for you.
  8. What a sweet boy - I've been gone for awhile, but I remember your posts when they found out they were having a baby and praying for a safe pregnancy and delivery!
  9. Hope your back soon, but I understand as I'm recently back.
  10. We have a few small raised beds, started planting a few things last night and transplanting a few things too. Love this time of year!
  11. I saw this advertised on facebook. I pulled it up on Amazon to read reviews and it performs so - so.
  12. I flied our taxes today...and wrote the check, so it's ready to mail tomorrow. We've both been ill with a "virus" over the past couple of weeks and are slowly getting stuff done.
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