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gathering in



Yesterday we went to the local LDS cannery. We had heard that you dont need to be LDS to purchase there....


I really hope that I won't now get inundated with missionaries because I am happy in my own religion. I do have to say though that there are some things that the Mormons do very well, preparing is one of them. After growing up in Utah and seeing how in times of need the church can mobilize their people and avert disasters, I am impressed. I just do not subscribe to the same religious beliefs.


Anyway,so we picked up Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers. Now I want to start putting away Sorghum, Milletand Quinoa, the GF grains that we use. They do not offermuch in the way of GF foods at the cannery. They did have Rice, (I already have some of that on our own) and oatmeal, but that often has cross contamination issues, so we use GF oatmeal which I will slowly gather. And of course, we are corn free, so we need to stay away from thier corn products.


We did however pick up 1 (#10) can of Black beans, 1 can White beans, 2 cans apples, 2 cans carrots, and 2 cans potato flakes, 2 dry onions,and 1 salt. Their prices are much better than any I have found online. I am hoping to pick up more and to start using this stuff in my household cooking and storage as well. I am currently trying to find recipes and such to help me learn about cooking with my storage.






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