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We love cranberries in all forms. This thanksgiving, we had both a turkey and a ham (I am allergic to turkey). So I made cranberry apricot sauce. It turned out fabulous. I canned up the extra and have 9 beautifully sealed bright red jars of the stuff. I figure that is one for a month for most of the year. Yipee!


I have also been making Pear sauce with a hint of apple. Every time I open ajar, A eats the whole thing. I can tell that next fall I will need to make alot more of this stuff. He could easily eat a jar a week, so I will need at least 52 jars next year. Gee, I wonder exactly how many pounds of pears and apples that would be....



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So, it has been way too long since I have posted anything. To be honest, I forgot all about the blog. Lets see, in the past year, I sent 2 kids away to college, my DH graduated college after going two classes at a time off and on for 20 years... Yea! Continuing to homeschool darling son.I lost my longtime friend/puppy Jillie, and recently found a new friend to join our lives and protect our home, Avery Calypso (black lab/border collie). I joined a prep group in the area and have met some local like minded souls. I have expanded my garden and bought a small greenhouse. Now if we could only get some +70* weather, maybe I will have more luck with the warm weather garden. Oh, and we bought a wood burning stove to heat our house this winter. Now as soon as our tax refund arrives, we will have it installed, (want someone else to cut the hole in the roof!) But we are also looking for a new house with land, having to move my elderly parents in with us. So if we find something soon, I will wait with the install for the new house, otherwise I will have to move the stove too.

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