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Woke with this song playing in my memory yesterday. I sat quietly on my porch swing watching the stars slowly fade away as the dawn broke and birds began to sing.



When I'm feeling all alone

With so far to go

The signs are no where on this road

Guiding me home

When the night is closing in

Is falling on my skin

Oh God will You come close?



Light light light up the sky

You light up the sky

To show me You are with me

I I I can't deny

No I can't deny that You are right here with me

You've opened my eyes

So I can see You all around me

Light light light up the sky

You light up the sky to show me

That You are with me


When stars are hiding in the clouds

I don't feel them shining

When I can't see You beyond my doubt

The silver lining

When I've almost reached the end

Like a flood You're rushing in

Your love is rushing in




So I run straight into Your arms

You're the bright and morning sun

To show Your love there's nothing You won't do




That You are with me

That You are with me


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