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The cat who can





This is Burnie, the cat who cans. LOL

He likes it when I organize storage or clean shelves. He thinks I do it so he can have a new spot.

Aside from this, Burnie is the cat who follows me everywhere and is involved in anything that I do in this house.

As you see, I was moving over the pears to make room for some apple sauce here. But Burnie had other ideas.


I should add here that Burnie is really named General Ambrose Burnside. (My husband named our cats after Civil War Union Generals. Burnie's brother, Mac, is named after General George McClellan.)


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'tis my first time on your blog! I like to read your stuff Out There, and so I just KNEW I'd be delighted in here...and awww... gotta love that General, and the cool name...General Burnsides! LOL


Keep writing and posting pics! Love that historical flair, too!



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