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First Days



I'm really excited about this blogging area. We're going to be moving in a few months....this is my space to keep track of our progress in our move and how I'm going to keep prepping in the mean time. I decided to title it Bloom Where You Are Planted because I'm learning that being prepared is not necessarily about where you are, it's about what you know and how you can adapt it to any situation. Do I think we will end up on a lot of acreage with animals, etc? At this point in my life maybe not. But, I do know that there are many, many things I can be doing in my situation to be prepared. Welcome to MY world! :)

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Hi !! I love the theme for your blog.


About your question concerning the changing to the Valentine 'skin' , here's what you do.


First go to your blog page, then click on the tab near the top that says "blog settings"


Then scroll down making any adjustments that you want until you get to the section that says... "customize the look of your blog"


Then you'll see a place to "lock to the following skin" it has a little drop down window where you get to choose.


Be sure you hit the submit to apply the changes and choices that you have made. Hope that helps!

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