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  1. Happy Anniversaries to Judy and DH & Violet and DH.


    We are working on making a budget work. It's our property tax that is painful. Keeps going up and up. This year our home and property values went down and the tax still went up. Figure that! We have a bundle of cable (no tv reception here either without it or dish), internet and phone. I could do without tv but DH enjoys it and thinks we could get rid of internet first (snort!).


    I'm getting back to more basic shopping and cooking. Thinking twice or three times before spending anything.

  2. If a teacher takes a day off, don't they have to hire a sub? How does this save?



    Yeah, this reminds me of an email I got about daylight savings time - picture of a wise-looking, old Indian man saying "only the government would think he can cut the end off a blanket and sew it on the other end and come out with a longer blanket".

  3. I'm looking forward to hearing the answer to this, too.

    One year I had a pumpkin setting on the picnic table for ages. I thought "My this pumpkin is lasting a long time!" until I went to move it and it just sort of fell apart. Then I got the bright idea to compost it. The next spring I got a nice little pumpkin patch that produced about 5 fine pumpkins.

  4. Unike, Did you use a recipe your Mom used?

    My Mom used to make chicken 'n dumplings. She always told the story of making this dish when Dad's youngest brother came for dinner. Our grandma on Mom's side lived with us and she was blind. Uncle, a life-long bachelor, served himself up almost all the dumplings so Mom had to divvy them up to the rest of us and grandma was asking for more and couldn't understand why Mom didn't make enough dumplings. Being a good Scandinavian I guess it wasn't in her to say "save some dumplings for the rest of us".

  5. I am just glad to hear of a powdered milk someone likes. I am curious why Carnation Instant Pwd. Milk hasn't been available for many months now. I googled Carnation and their site steered me to Amazon.com where you could sign up to see when it's available. What's up with that? In the meantime I tried the house brand at Safeway and Kroger and it's awful. It spoils after a day or two. Yuck.

    Lol, I enjoyed hearing how your DH mixes the milk.

  6. Thanks. It sounds like the easy mix kind - not the foam forever and still have gritty, undissolved product in the bottom of the container kind. I went ahead and ordered some. I also ordered some of the butter. A friend was telling me she wished she could find some of the butter so I got me one and her one.

  7. Thanks for this information. I used to buy Carnation instant but that hasn't been available for a long time.


    How is Grandma's Country Cream mixed? Some powdered milk is difficult to mix. Any tips on this?


    Hey, you are giving the UPS guy work to do - a welcome thing in this day and age!

  8. Oops. I have been guilty of taking pics of some charming cottages in a nearby coastal area. I guess I won't do that anymore.


    This is disturbing. When this type of crime happens in one area, the thieves pass the word along to other areas. I used to feel pretty safe in our location because of the way the houses sit up off the street and are highly visible to the house across the street. People in our neighborhood have varying schedules with some retirees/stay-at-home people. One night last week our son came home from his evening job and was cooling off in the carport when he heard a noise and looked out front. He saw two women walking about 10' apart shining flashlights into cars. He made a noise and they moved along down the street. Now I think he should have called the police. Also, there is a wooded area nearby. My son had been building all these whimsical structures down there (arches by joining elderberry trees and reinforcing them with branches and twigs, etc.) Someone went down there and destroyed the arches, then continued to go back to destroy everything. Left beer cans and cigarette butts. We heard some of the homeless and/or druggies are looking for new places. I guess all this to say it's good to be aware of what's going on with our neighbors and in our neighborhood.


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