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  1. Add me too Snowmon.....I had a wonderful time with the spring fling.......
  2. I am so thrilled you liked it.......... You know, I was so excited getting all those things together and filling up that box for you.......
  3. Some how I knew it was you Rezgirl.......Thank you so much.....
  4. I recived my box today !!! And I absolutly LOVE IT ALL!!! I recived a very pretty apron covered with Daisy's. A wonderful smelling Strawberry Candle w/ chunks of Strawberrys inside. A travelers Book Light. A bag of Jalapeno Popcorn. A pretty book marker w/ Catus on it. A pair of Silver Earings. A 1# can of New Mexico Pinon Coffee. A Red Enamelware 12 oz cup. A Pink Bandanna. A small tin of mints. Over 1# bar of Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate. And A bag of Lindt 60% extra dark Truffles. Also a very nice card w/ a beautiful Daisy on the front from my secret pal...... Thank you secret pal very much, I had a wonderful time being a part of the Spring Fling......
  5. OK, so does this mean if I want to have a "yard sale" I will not be allowed to sell toys, a baby crib, high chair, stroller, playpen, anything for a child under 12? TIA......
  6. Thank you!!!!! Lot's of wonderful links, now I will never get off of the computer.......lol
  7. Count me in too!!! Sounds like alot of fun.....
  8. I have one that says "Out of my mind back in 5 minuets", of course it is not on my car it is on my bedroom door.....
  9. Thank you so much Double D & Mother, we have not got our manual pump hooked up yet, on the to do list. I have been filling any plastic container I can find with water, been putting the date on a peice of tape so I know which ones to use first. We have about 24 gallons so far, not much but it is a start. Again thanks for the help.............
  10. Thanks HSmom I called several local gov offices and got nothing , but the run around. Best advice they would give is to buy water from the store(Go figure). If I could afford to do that I would is what I told them. So if any one else out there has well water and is storing it for emergency use, then please let me know what you are doing to treat it? Or are you? We have not got the manual pump hooked up yet, and when we do have to use it, it will not be connected to the water softner. Is there a web-site I can find this info out? Thanks in advance to all.
  11. Recived the powdered eggs, ordered manual well pump, DH put up 6 new shelves in garage to hold more preps, put preps on new shelves and done an invintory on what we have and still need, and still ALOT more organizing left to do...But we are slowly getting there.
  12. Hi, got a question about storing well water. First I do have softend well water,need to know what I can or if I need to put anything in the jugs I'm storing my water in? Bleach? We really can't afford to buy the tablets you can use. I have just purchesed a manual hand pump for our well,($95.00 ) if we ever lose our electricity. Any advice..........Thanks in advance.
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