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  1. hi all, ive had the same heart palp problems for about 30 years now. ive cut out caffeine, sugar, etc and it has helped alot, but i do still get them now and then. one thing ive learned to do when my heart was jumping around was to make myself cough once or twice and it always stopped the fluttering and set things back to a normal rhythm. about the avocados, when they are in season and relatively cheap, ill buy up a ton of them. for the ripe ones, ill scoped them out, mash them up a little bit and add a few drops of lemon juice, then i put some in small freezer bags, get all th
  2. i found this on another board i belong to and bought 2 of them just to have them 30 gal. pop up water barrel - $19.99 Harbor Freight pop up water barrel http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/disp...temnumber=99662 i thought they would come in handy to keep
  3. nmchick, i got 3 bushels of green chile, i dry most of that but also can--i just chop them up and can them with a bit of water. but im kinda lazy...your idea sounds real good.
  4. thanks for all the great PMs, ill be making a list of NM emails of those who want to connect with others and sending them out privately. if anyone else is interested just send me a PM. thanks again. jazzy
  5. mods, i know this isnt the right place to have this but i wanted to get folks attention, if you could leave it for a few days before moving, id sure appreciate it. Calling All NM folk-- there are several people in NM that belong to some main prep forums (TOL, TB, FRUGALS, Mrs Survival) that are wanting to be able to connect. if you are interested in communicating with others in your general area of the state please PM me your basic location and email address that you want to share. im making a list of northern state folk and southern state folk (dividing line in SF) and will cr
  6. i come here often but rarely post, but this thread just spoke to me. i have felt the same way as you all mention for some time now. ive been so weary and have been praying for the Lord to show me whatever it is i am missing. i reached a point where it felt to me that i did pretty good on prepping for my family---but i just felt that i was really missing something and i just could not put my finger on it. at first i thought it was some item or such, but it really was something else, a deeper involvement with Him. every day and every night i pray for help, for wisdom and discernment. i
  7. hello folks, i dont post much, but i DO read here and really love this place.. that being said, getting water from a well was on my mind a great deal, i do have a well bucket that my BIL made, but im thinking of this also as a back up, as it looked exactly what i had on my mind that we needed... http://www.simplepump.com/pump_faq.html#1 (hope i put that link in right..........)
  8. i have read both and think they are excellent--had me on the edge of my seat. in fact im reading Down the Hole again this weekend--- you have a wonderful talent and i hope you keep writing!
  9. long time lurker here--havent posted much. but i wanted to say this is a great thread. i like it that the red flags each person sees can be listed, as what is a red flag for one , someone else might not see it--so its real helpful. for me was hearing today from my sister that the chicks she ordered last month that were to be ready today to be picked up arent available. she was told she has to wait til may 19th or so. when she asked why she was told that the breeders cant keep up with the demand for chicks, that the orders have increased tremendously and this sort of thing has never ha
  10. im not convinced that we will really get a rebate and i dont trust it. i pay my taxes but havent gotten any refunds as i try to have the right amount deducted each paycheck. the last rebate after 9/11 i didnt get one as i was told i didnt make enough. also, i remember way back, either under carter or reagan, the economy was getting real rocky and there was this big govt announcement that we would get a tax rebate to stimulate the economy, then people started spending thinking they would just play catch up when the rebate came and Poof! the govt announced that the economy was doing better an
  11. every night we empty our pockets and put the change in a jar on the dresser. about once a month i go thru it and pull out any 90% or 40% silver coins. and i always check coins in my purse and all change i get. an old 90% silver quarter is worth much more than just a quarter. anything from 1964 and older for silver dollars, quarters, half dollars and dimes. roll them up and take them to a coin shop if you need extra cash, but much smarter to save them. for example---a real silver dollar dated anywhere from 1964 and older: take .715 X face value ($1.00) X silver spot price.
  12. hi westbrook, yeah we can get 2 good plantings usually, iffn the frost dont get us. just last night it dropped to 28 degrees *sigh* lost the corn, most of the beans, fried some of the cabbage, squash, etc. the tomatoes were safe in the water walls and the spinach and lettuce and snap peas did fine----- gotta start over...............gonna be a busy weekend.
  13. ive dehydrated snap peas just fine. they dont come out crunchy when you rehydrate them, but i just add them to whatever im making. good stuff!
  14. found this on another forum and thought id add it. Yes! Tagamet (Cimetidine)- the now over the counter acid reducer, has been studied and used to treat several cancers over the past decade! Check this out! It's amazing! Quote: From 1990 to 1992, 64 patients were enrolled in a study to examine the effects of cimetidine. Patients were treated for one year after surgery with 5-fluorouracil and cimetidine or 5-fluorouracil alone. In a recently published summary of that study, the results are truly remarkable. Overall, the 10-year survival rate for the cimetidine treated group was 84
  15. i know what you mean about having spares----i used to buy my eyeglasses from a local place here in town, but when it got up to $180 for ONE pair of glasses, i rebelled and didnt buy anymore. and they were the cheapest in town! i even called aroud town to check prices and had some one Laugh at me when i asked if i could get glasses there for $100 bucks or less. the lady laughed at me as tho i was an idiot for asking. i dont know about you all but $100 bucks is alot of money to me. someone told me about a site called www.39dollarglasses.com so i went there with my little prescription i
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