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  1. Ummm, anyone with chicken experience will tell you - hens are not always quiet!!!!
  2. Don't forget the hours of fun with a spud gun and using them to plug someone's car exhauset! Heehehehehehehehe Ted
  3. Hams - the only group worse than the Armed Forces for using unexplained initial acronyms and insider language to isolate themselves from us plebians...
  4. Remember - hens can raise quite a ruckus without the rooster when they lay or see a threat. They are not "quiet" by any means. Ted
  5. My Dynamo has the usual short charge problems but works ok. The radio lasts longer than the light does which doesn't last at all. (Made in China.) ted
  6. If you join the Minion report forum ( http://minionreport.net/forum/index.php ) you can get some savings from the berkey guy: http://minionreport.net/forum/showthread.php?t=34562 ...an d I like the forum mostly too. Ted
  7. Under pressure, I'm not a quick thinker. No one is - if the pressure is new to them. If a self defence (sd) course teaches only kick and punch or other physical techniques and does not teach you how to be calm and focused under attack, it is worse than nothing because it will give you a false sence of security. Reality based scenario training (RBST) goes a long way to offset the deficiences of most modern martial arts in the area of sd. Yet much of the RBST instructors include instructions that if followed will put you in jail for attempted or successful murder or manslaughter. While it seems logical that a bad guy can take your weapon from you and use it against you, in fact, (supported by a statistical analysis of attacks), this seldom happens. Your trained mind is your first line of defence: awareness and avoidance. Read Strong on Defense and The Gift of Fear Talk to family and friends about it. Make it a part of your life, not just something you worry about for ten minutes once a month. Marc MacYoung (on: http://www.nononsenseselfdefense.com/self-...nsetraining.htm ) writes: He continues with some of the best "what it really is..." I have come across anywhere. Ted PS: since this is my area of study, please bear with my unabashed self promotion: http://defendyourself101.ca
  8. Parking lots are called "watering holes" except you have people with money coming by instead of antelope and criminals to prey upon them rather than jackals. Deal with all the watering holes in your daily business like a wary antelope. Ted
  9. Some friends with a mouse problem had their pet hamster accidently get out of the cage and dissappear. It was in the house, wandering around at tnight. Some time later they realised thay had no more evidence of mice and after they found a few chewed up mouse parts, they realised the hamster was even better than a cat! When the mice were all gone, the hamster got desperate and came out during the day until he was caught and put back in his cage.
  10. Go whole hog and build a loft in half of your room. Mine were all free standing and gave me a space the size of a store room. I put an easy chair under the loft with a light for "private relaxation times" and slowly filled it with boxes of "old stuff" until it was accepted then removed the chair.
  11. The list does not claim to be in order of effectiveness; should we read it that way? Did I miss a page of comparative effectiveness ratings somewhere? Ted
  12. Hi Staceyy: We bought a wood stove for the living room last August. We also bought $700 worth of wood. This winter was a cold one here and we still have 1/3 of our wood left over. The winter before cost us $2000.00 in oil. New stoves are very pretty and highly functional with fans and after burners to create a "cleaner" smoke. They claim that a full stove creates as much particulate pollution as striking one match. From the back of the room the heat must cross the room, make a right angle turn, go down an hall a u-turn up the stairs and heat the bedrooms upstairs. The kids had to keep their doors shut or it got too hot! One fill of wood lasts all night without refilling and often leaves enough hot coals to start the new fire in the morning. Good luck, Ted The Gift of Fear "True fear is a gift. Unwarranted fear is a curse. Learn how to tell the difference." ...a book review about "a book that can save your life.” It really does have an answer to, “Why me?” on the level of social violence.
  13. Not as bad as they make out - the intro has people totally at the hacker's mercy but at the end they tell us that the software must be installed on the phone... Ted
  14. ttruscott

    Teepee Tent

    A tipi is a basic chimney over a fire pit so it can be smoky if the venting isn't set right. The top flaps are angled to pull smoke out with wind power and not blow it back down. You can have very big tipis, some 20' across and 20' high.. This allows for bunk beds inside unless it is very cold, when you hang a drape down from the middle of the poles all the way around and fill the space with straw or hay. Pretty snug, eh? Ted
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