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  1. I store my cleaners in the same room, BUT all items that could abosrb anything or be eaten by anything, or get wet are in sealed tubs. Only items in cans or glass are out on shelves.
  2. Here it would take no lonoger than 48 hours. Just in time delivery is the norm now. Last week the roads from Denver were closed. That was Wednesday, by Friday the shelves were low and we hadn't had a storm to bring out the last minute preppers. Cheryl
  3. May I suggest some novels that have quite a few good ideas? They are available from lulu.com and were self published. They are not polished, but for those looking for ideas on bugging out and life after a major event, they are a good read - good stories and very good information. The first book (they are not a series) covers several different scenarios as it follows the life of a family scattered across the country. The first book is Down The Hole by Sally Six. I bought it as an e-book for under $7 and printed it out, it is a LONG book, and you can purchase it as a paperback for $48.
  4. I just don't shop at the big stores. I found a little old fashioned grocery store, that is busy enough to stay open, but only has 20 parking spaces. I can shop there any time and am not exposed to many people. They carry everything and even carry out my groceries. Since they are part of a bigger chain, they get great sales, too. They even have a pharmacy. Cheryl
  5. I have you beat, MTRider. Our first frost this year was July 29th! Last frost this spring was June 28th. That gave me a 31 day growing season!! Fortunately we were able to build hoop houses and row covers & are extending our season by covering all warm weather crops every night.
  6. This could very easily happen to us and we prepared knowing this. Extra of everything is ready and we have had up to 5 extra for over a week at different times. You just treat everyone the same and get very organized very quickly and whether you are our natural family or extras, everyone works together, and follows our family rules. The family rules are... 1. Love God - "And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment." Mark 12:29 2. Love others - "And the second is
  7. I'm here. I shut down the computer until it was all over as last fall I got fried & it cost $250 to repair. I didn't mean to worry you. Dh didn't get back on the road until today. He has gone 125 miles and is shutting down. The road is a sheet of ice & the wind is blowing 45 mph. I am waiting for the phone to ring to say he made it in & is safe. An average week for us is 2500-3000 miles, this week he will be getting 1100. BUT, he was home safe and here for the storm. We never lost power this time, but it flickered quite a bit that first day. Wind gusts were reco
  8. If you live in WY, or SD areas, time to get ready for this is NOW. For those of you out of the area, are you ready for spring storms? Do you know your spring weather threats and are you prepared? It is too late to run for milk or whatever once it starts, know your threats, be they blizzard or flood, make a plan and get prepared! We have been upgraded to a Blizzard Warning. The BOLD part is where I live.
  9. We had to move in with family for a while a couple of times and we have had family here. The times that worked best were when we lived in a camper in the yard. I still had to use their bathroom and haul water, but it really did work much better. One winter it got so cold that we had to move inside. There were five of us in 625. It was okay but we moved back out as soon as the weather warmed. The camper cost us $500 and was worth every penny.
  10. We will plan to SIP unless there is something like a forest fire, then we are ready to run. In the EAWKI scenario, we will stay here unless forced out and then all bets are off. If it were just dh & I, we would probably run, but add 5 kids? Better to be here.
  11. We have two oil lamps in the living room, they are not bright enough to read by. For work in the kitchen and over the table, we have coleman lanterns. We also have an old farm house that is far from airtight. We use jar candles in the window at the top of the stairs and in the bathrooms. We also work very hard to complete detailed tasks and cooking finished before dark. We use windup flashlights and lanterns for the kids to take where they are needed.
  12. I wondered if it was the drought and distribution issue. The warehouse is owned by the company & they had two trucks, just no greens.
  13. There were no salad greens at the grocery store today. NONE. I called and talked to the produce department after I got home and was told that they don't know why. They hope that salad greens will be released and on the truck tomorrow. Anyone know of any reason why they would be holding lettuce at the warehouse?
  14. I found two different styles of water filters you can put together at home. A Big Berkey would be nice but ...$$$. Homemade Berkey Potters For Peace, water filter
  15. I found two different styles of water filters you can put together at home. A Big Berkey would be nice but ...$$$. Homemade Berkey Potters For Peace, water filter
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