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  1. C4C, Congrats on your new KA mixer! If you haven't already, check out the Kitchenaid Conversations forum. I have a red Artisan named Isabel that I bought last fall after my handheld wouldn't whip cream. I just love her. She's so powerful and quick. I love to bake desserts. Almost as much as I like eating them .
  2. I'm growing peppers again this year too. Sweet and hot banana, sweet bells, habanero, and jalapeno. I'm going to pickle some, dry some for chile powder, and use some for hot pepper jelly. Do you have any books on canning/home preserving? When I first began canning, I checked out books from the library. The one's I thought I'd use the most I bought and added to my personal library. If you haven't already, you will want to purchase the Ball Blue Book of Preserving, the Bible of home preserving. You can find it at Wal Mart. Also, you may want to check out the recipes from The Complete Book of Small-Batch Preserving by Ellie Topp and Margaret Howard, The Joy of Pickling by Linda Ziedrich, and Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving Edited by Judi Kingry and Lauren Devine.
  3. Thanks Jeepers! You gave me a chuckle. Have a good night.
  4. Bought - 25lbs of flour, 50lbs of rice, 75lbs of sugar, bulk spices and supplements from herbalcom.com, two cases of MREs, an emergency backpack from readyqwik.com, and I scored 16 cases of quart canning jars from craigslist. I think this was a pretty good prep week Oh, I forgot to add the 12lbs of pasta, and 4 large boxes of powdered milk.
  5. Wow! What a find. I will definitely put PODS on my list of emergency numbers. I have a bad feeling about this hurricane season.
  6. Thanks for the welcome Mt_Rider. Have a blessed Mother's day.
  7. Originally Posted By: michelle Beautiful so how is the government going to pay for an increase in food stamps for the nonworking masses? Taking more taxes out of our checks? Just exactly when are we going to get a cost of living raise? It just amazes me how some of us have morals and work for a living to support our families but have to suffer anything that comes our way without the least bit of help but others sit on their rears doing nothing but sucking the system, spending my hard earned money, and get increases in funds any time something goes wrong. I hate the welfare grubbing sick #!&&@^$ here. This should be interesting in my state for sure. Considering over half the state is on some kind of assistance. If they raise my taxes for this...... Michelle, I wanted to offer you a different perspective on those individuals who receive public assitance. Not everyone on welfare or receiving food stamps is unemployed. Many do work hard and long and are still living below the poverty line. That's the way the cookie crubles sometimes. It may surprise you to know that among those working individuals who receive public assistance are U.S. Military service members. At a time like this I don't know of anyone who would say they are "sitting on their rears doing nothing but sucking the system, spending your hard earned money." Others are our beloved senior citizens who's small pensions just aren't enough to cover their needs, or the phisically disabled (many vets) who don't know how they would eat or put a roof over their heads otherwise. Instead of pointing fingers, calling names, and questioning the morals of others, we should be doing all we can to help each other. Ask yourself, WWJD? Then do it with grace. I say these things to you out of Christian love and a sense of obligation to speak up for those who can't speak for themselves. God's blessings for you and your family.
  8. Originally Posted By: FlaGal I've found gaskets for the pressure cookers, but cannot find the weight sets on the Presto site....am I looking for the right thing? What else would it be listed as? Could you explain what 'weighted guage canner' means please? Thank you! FlaGal, The part you want is: Stock no. 50332 3-Piece Regulator. The Presto website's search engine isn't very good. Here is a link. http://www.gopresto.com/products/products.php?stock=50332 A weighted guage canner exhausts small amounts of steam during the entire processing period. The movement of the weighted gauge during processing indicates pressure is being maintained at the selected pounds of pressure. The weighted gauge does not require testing for accuracy as opposed to the Dial Guage which does (and is often inaccurate right out of the box.) However, if the weighted guage is damaged in any way, it must be replaced. Hope this helps.
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