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  1. I am new here. Should we stay here in intros or open a new site? Please advise, rancher. Off to bed now been a long day here getting work done to prepare. Good nite....
  2. Thank you for the response. When I refer to a total power grid shut down that includes pressurized public water off line, as they need electricity to run their pumps,land line telephones have a 48 hour battery back up and then they are dead. If you intend on drawing from a well you had better be sure your generator can take the surge and running load. Remember if on a well with no stored water, you will need to run that generator almost everytime you want water. So no water, no power no land lines and one must have power to recharge a cell phone (if they work) as the relay towers also require
  3. OK I am back now. Let the dogs back into the other end of the house. I am asking a few questions to get to know more about your groups thinking and help refine our programs. Hope that is cool with you all? Questions on generators. When power grid fails... do you have a back up system? What is the wattage output? Is it tied into your entire network or must you plug each unit you wish to run into it? What make is it? Chinese/American? Can you get it repaired easily? What if you need it and it fails? How long do you intend on running it during a 24 hour period day after day, week after week an
  4. Hi. Thanks again. I will come back with a couple questions. My lovely wife just woke up below our bedroom loft. I am up there. I now get the pleasure of brewing some fresh starbucks coffee for her and serving it to her in bed. A daily treat I am allowed to do for her. What a cutie!!
  5. We thank you for your posts welcoming us. Glad to see some wine sippers out there. In our emergency food supply we are well stocked up on any varieties of "medicinal" supplements!!! I wished I could find a couple barrels like Jesus made. We settled for bottles. Oh well :). We were wondering if there was a "thread" or "forum" section here that dealt with what you all have done about some core items like generators/solar, fuel reserves, protecting what you have obtained, how you are protecting your loved ones in and during what could be a very ugly, long and desparate extended blackout durin
  6. Hello out there. A member or your site referred us to you folks. We might do the ice tea thing around here after all the snow melts and it warms up some more. For now my lovely wife and I are enjoying the red and white wines. Call it tea if you wish to:). Hope to observe some and maybe throw in a comment here and there. take care, rancher
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