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  1. Thanks!! I found the volcano cooker and it looks like more room and cheaper. I have a regular gas grill, but I wanted something that used minimal "gas"........plus this one says something about baking. Has anyone tried baking outdoors and how did that go?? I'd like to be able to bake cookies or biscuits outside.......I think I could do it with my cast iron dutch oven too.
  2. Has anyone tried this cooker or one similar? For 2 people, this seems to be a better deal than a regular grill. Less gas wasted or charcoal if it works. I'd like to see if they can "bake" in it too. http://www.crisiscooker.com/
  3. When I first read this story, I was upset they didn't help. But after reading and understanding more of the story, I realized what really happened. This fire dept. is in a city that does not have to support this area. There is no fire dept. for that area. The fire dept. doesn't get taxes from these folks. The fire dept. offered to support and help these people IF they would pay a $75 fee to help cover expenses, time, equipment etc. This owner refused to pay, so they didn't get the help. It's sad, but I get it. This was not a volunteer fire dept. - they knew if they worked for FREE, the
  4. This is part of the deck where I had the herb boxes.
  5. Ahh, I didn't even think of grits. Will that hurt birds at all? I have tons of birds (plenty of birdfeeders!) I am trying to upload some pics too........got one to go, but getting internal server errors on the others. Will keep trying tho!!
  6. Well, here it is mid-June, and so far, my sfg is not doing well at all. I had 2 2x2 herb boxes and found that one was being taken over by ants. I used the mix precisely as the book says and most of my herbs never grew, and dried up. The owner of the nursery I took several "samples" to says they weren't getting enough water. I watered every other day, then every day when it got warmer...........I ripped out the herbs and emptied the boxes (saving the soil, gosh I spent alot on it). I was able to save about 3 herbs to see if they will do in plastic containers. I also began fertilziing (eve
  7. ok, thank you all! I do not plan on doing anything outside of what is considered up to date and safe, nor will use untested recipes. I am a good direction follower so i'm good with that. I will be directing her to these sites as well because I fear she doesn't understand this. Plus hopefully, she was able to read thru the Ball Bluebook I loaned her. Thanks again!
  8. Ok, so I have a friend who told me she does canning. She uses the "simple" canning method. She boils all the jars, lids etc. and brings her food to a boil, puts it into the jars, turns them upside down, and in 20 min. you'll hear a pop, and they are done. She has done this for a long time and has never had an issue. She mostly does salsa this way and it's lasted for months with this method. I was discussing with my mom and it made us wonder what exactly the pressure cooking does to the inside of the jars to make them any different than what she does? I loaned her my books so don't
  9. Thank you for the suggestions!!! The thing that jumped at me was green beans..........I LOVE green beans, and as long as my friend agrees, we might just try doing that as our first session. And yes, I do have the latest Ball Book, and yes I've read most of it. I know that experienced folks tho will sometimes disagree with a "book". For the canner - I purchased a National #7 canner at a garage sale for $10 last year. I did order all replacement parts including the gauge, the seals etc. The only thing I didn't replace was the pot itself and the old wooden handles...they were in good sh
  10. Ok, my pressure canner parts are in and on the pot. I have a friend coming over in a couple of weeks to do pressure canning. Neither of us has done it, so wondering if anyone has suggestions on something fairly simple as a "starter" into the pressure canning world? A recipe would be helpful....or if something in the Ball Blue Book is a good starter, I do have that book.
  11. The dehydrator came in Friday, today I will be trying it for the first time! Doing bananas and pineapple today, and then tomorrow blueberries and apricots. I also found a great company online in Arizona too - : ) - that had all the replacement parts for the National #7 canner I got at a garage sale for $10!! Ordered all the parts plus a book. And, my cucumbers finally started blooming, so hopefully I will have some to make pickles with this year!!
  12. Yay, I've got the following dehydrator coming next week! I'll be trying out some fruits on memorial weekend. Nesco FD-75PR 700-Watt Food Dehydrator Now, I think I might get a new pressure canner, get the old one checked and working so I'll have 2.
  13. People should also remember WHERE the state's money comes from...............US! The gov't has to steal it from the citizens first, then they can dole it out to whomever. The gov't employees are basically living off the non-gov't employees.............when the non-gov't employees can't even make a living or take their children to the doctor, will there be any sympathy for them? Doubtful.............look at how the gov't employees in Greece are behaving.
  14. I am doing square foot gardening this year too! My first time and I've followed Mel's book pretty much exactly EXCEPT for location. One thing I have now learned (already) is that my in-ground boxes aren't getting nearly enough sunlight. I built 2 2x2 boxes that have my herbs, and built a 2x4 bench to set them on. I have a 4x4, and 2 3x3's in the ground. My beans are doing ok, and the sugar snaps seem alright, but nothing else looks good. Radishes didn't produce radishes either. I'm planning on building 2 more 2x4 bench-style beds and will shovel that good dirt into those, and replant.
  15. Thanks! I will look for the Nesco brand................the pot I have says National on the front of it. I'm not sure if it was meant to be a canner, but it is definately an old pressure cooker. My neighbor used it as a pressure cooker for a roast and he said it was perfect. I don't trust the guage tho, so I'll see about having it tested.
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