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    it has been one year since i joined mrs s--after lurking for a year or so--then life got busy and i didn't have access to the internet--so i was gone for awhile--now i have hughes net and am back--good to be back--
    in the last year...
    i quit my job --FINALLY and went on the road with matt
    Clint went on the road also
    shayla started her sophomore year in college
    daddy had the knee replacement and the massive heart attack--I will never forget standing at the door at the clinic--watching them wheel him out and yelling i love you to him while they pumped on his chest
    taryn will be at least one more year
    daddy had two more heart attacks and the pace maker put in--thought we had lost him for awhile there--with his suicide threats and all--but he has pulled through now
    mom got a dog--a house dog for the first time ever then lost her to sickness
    we traded the trailer for a 5th wheel and a lot more debt but a lot more room
    had a great time traveling...saw st louis, kansas, arkansas, nebraska, south dakota, montana, wyoming, hannibal, missouri,
    shayla spent the summer and we went to... yellowstone, devils tower, sturgis, jackson hole, mount rushmore for the 4th of july, bear country, touched the berlin wall, deadwood, the badlands, rode the alpine slide, crazy horse, the 1880 train,
    we saw bears, buffalo, elk, wolves, moose, all in the wild
    ther eare not words to describe yellowstone and the beauty there
    then went to ft phil kearny, estes park, winter park, boulder, fort laramie , billings, custer's last stand, johnson county
    i learned to crochet and love every sttich!!!
    me and mom went and saw taryn for her birthday--24!! i can't believe it--she doesn't seem that old
    i have learned to let go and go with it!! i sure miss shayla but i bet she is growing up and enjoying me not being there all the time!!!
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