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  1. Woohoo. I'm not home, but that means mine must have come in too!!! Can't wait
  2. For the first time in my life....I put gloves and mask and hand sanitizer and Lysol wipes in my car....about to start being that weird woman that always has on gloves and a mask.....
  3. I have raised beds and love them. I put the word out in the cafe one morning to the local ranchers that I would love to have some old cattle troughs that had holes in them. By that afternoon I had eight of them in various sizes in my yard. I put more holes in some of them except a few didn't even have bottoms...filled them with dirt mixed with peat moss and planted. I love them!!, they are very tall so I don't have to bend over and it out my garden out of reach of the bunnies. It also completely eliminated the mole and gopher problems I was having. This year we are putting a drip line to each one on a timer which will make the garden almost carefree. I will add in some mulch before I plant and be ready to go
  4. Well, I hope the rest of the. weekend was better. I was WAY down south and it rained almost the whole weekend
  5. It's a little early here to do it, but I always leave a few winter things out for riding the Harley in anyway...plus we are starting to get ready to leave for about six months for work, going south, so i needed access to the summer stuff
  6. I love my steamer juicer. It makes the prettiest juice for jellies and such. I don't can just juice so I can't help you with that one
  7. Moving the winter stuff out of the closets and putting the summer stuff out. Also bagged up three very large bags to go to goodwill.
  8. Picked up our beef at the butcher a week or so ago. Turns out to be $2.22 a pound. Totally hormone free and raised by the man who lives behind me. That will last us a year. Plus we have a freezer full of deer and a freezer full of chicken. Got 50 pounds of bacon on a really good deal lst week so I m good on that. Canned goods have been topped off, except for fresh veggies and fruit, I won't have to go to the store for over a year now. I volunteer at our food bank two days a week and in exchange we get pick of the fresh things, so I usually have plenty of potatoes, apples and such. Hopefully I will get some canning days in soon to can up and bunch of my goodies....although I am not a fan if a lot if the canned meats, so I just leave them frozen Work hours have been cut since December, so it is a good feeling to know I don't have to worry about food and household items for a long time.
  9. I'm glad you are doing well on your prep living....we have been living off preps since October.....the only thing I have bought since October 1 is fresh fruits. The weather is keeping hubby from working very much, I am always grateful for my preps during times like this. I don't know what people who don't prep do????
  10. Been canning up the "pay" from working at the food bank...so far, 16 jars of cranberry jelly, 9 jars of cranberry juice, 16 jars of Apple juice, 8 jars of Apple jelly. Lots more apple jelly and some cran apple jelly tomorrow....... Thinking about canning up some of my old beans that take so long to cook
  11. YOUR SCORE 52% Though your conscience is in the right place you also have a pragmatic streak and generally aren’t afraid to do your own dirty work! You’re no shrinking violet - but no daredevil either. You generally have little trouble seeing things from another person’s perspective but, at the same time, are no pushover. ‘Everything in moderation – including moderation’ might sum up your approach to life. Read more about the psychopathic spectrum Hmmmm. I guess I'm a lot closer to psychopath than the rest of you!!!! Rofl
  12. Freezers are full of deer and sale chicken and sale turkey. Beef for the year is at the butcher. I think we are pretty set. Gonna start canning pretty hard in a few weeks to get a lot of the chicken and turkey and misc canned up. Cellar is getting pretty full, but gonna add a lot more!!!
  13. I am all finished with our tax information...I do it monthly so not much to do at the end of the year except total everything up and wait on w2 forms. Plan this year is to pay off small side note on house, some small bills, and hubby's welding truck. That only leaves two more monthly bills ( my pickup and Harley) to be paid off in 2015 then we are debt free!!!, I am only planning a few projects this year so I can put a lot of money into the bills and savings. I am so excited about getting stuff paid off I can't wait!!!,
  14. Don't forget that a diagnosis like that can help the family get disability benefits on the child
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