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  1. I want a CI wok. Found one on Amazon but the reviews are horrible. Just been really busy. Some FB posts by Madison reminded me I haven't been here in a while. Trying to raise quail - not technically for food or eggs, but to release once they figure this is "home" so they can do bug control.
  2. Wish I had more time, I've got around 200 pounds of cast iron I've picked up at gunshows for $5-$10 a piece. Just don't have time to clean it up.
  3. I'm still getting it with Mozilla - talked to Darlene about it months ago. I'm still getting warnings.
  4. Lots of flowers, but only 2 tiny green soon-to-be tomatoes. Put a bird net up. Hopefully, that will help.
  5. Strategic use of walls for partial shade. Tomatoes get full sun sun from maybe 8-2. Took this pic at 7 AM and you can see they are still in full shade. Beans from 7-12. Potatoes from Noon to 5. Zucchini is full sun, but seems to like it. Also, I have everything on sprinklers - 10 different zones on timers, and individually adjustable heads, so i can be very specific about how much water for each and how often. At least until they grow taller than the sprinkler heads and disrupt my carefully calculated spray pattern. I can also add an adapter between the riser an
  6. Me Too! The plants are 3' tall and dense but I only saw the first flowers yesterday. I switched the tomatoes and beans from last year - this year the tomatoes face west and the beans face east. The beans at least seem to like that better. I am not exaggerating to say the pole beans are growing 4+ inches a day. I pulled the first of the potatoes yesterday. And they are supposed to be the small ones. They were left over from a BBQ at the end of January, and by end of Feb had gotten a bit mushy. So I buried them. The leaves on a few plants were starting to brown and I'd read that wa
  7. yay! The worse a piece is, the more satisfaction in the resurrection.
  8. yeah, it was pretty cold this morning when I got up at 5 AM. It must have been in the high 60s.
  9. Garden was so-so. Tomato plants grew like weeds, but bore little fruit. Cucumbers grew with such voracity, even the horses were tired of eating them. Pumkins came in well, except they were leftovers, as I didn't plant any this year. Squashes all did very well - except I really don't like squash. Too much work to prepare something with so little flavor. Honeydew did ok. As did cantaloupe - including a "green flesh" I tried. I didn't plant watermelon, but still had some come back from last year. Peppers were a dismal failure. Peas and beans grew well, but produced such sc
  10. I do scan topics a couple times a month, but I really haven't had much to say.
  11. MRE heaters can also be used to make "bombs". Activate heater. Drop inside MRE outer wrapper. Duct tape closed. Drop in dumpster or metal trash can. Leave area and establish alibi. A large boom will ensue.
  12. Some recipes say to soak in lime water . What does this do? I'm wondering the if the garlic is purely for flavor or if also an antibacterial?
  13. So I have a bunch of peppers, and will have more cucumbers eventually. Some I'm drying, but I want to play with pickling. I do not want to can them. I do not have room in the fringe. I don't want to freeze them. I am not looking for best seasoning combinations, as I have a hundred recipes for that. What I'm looking for is the bare minimum to salt and vinegar and whatever for the sole purpose of preserving a bunch of hot peppers. What I'm having trouble doing with all the recipes is extracting the mechanical process from "this combination of dill/garlic/alum/etc. tastes best.
  14. It is with regret I note that life done got in the way. I have a wonderful new air conditioner in the shop, which in AZ is not a luxury item, but bare necessity. But as a result, my savings and emergency fund are depleted, and I simply cannot afford to go this year. I'll miss seeing ya'll.
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