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  1. Luath

    S'me again!

    Forgot to say that older members here might remember me as Lowlander
  2. Am back again - seems it was July 2014 since I was here last, and a lot has happened since then! 2014 was a life changing year for me - I filed for divorce after a 25 year abusive marriage, then my daughter and her fiancé announced they were getting married in April, so I was busy doing divorce and wedding organisation in tandem; in March my mother had a second stroke and died, I had to deal with that from 350 miles away and get up to Scotland for the funeral with my soon-to-be-ex in the middle of divorce proceedings; my daughter got married, it was a wonderful day . Two days later my friend next door got murdered; in June I had to spend 9 days in hospital; I organised the clearing, cleaning and selling of my deceased father in law's house (I had 5 solicitors on the go at once) ;my divorce finally came through in October, I came up here to Scotland househunting and have ended up I the wee village where I grew up, just around the corner from my old house. I moved in 3 days before Christmas 2014, and here I am. Whole new start, lots of prepping, gardening, sorting out, knitting, all sorts. Am looking forward to having a read through the forums again, hope all are well, best wishes from cold old Scotland!
  3. Just popping in to say hello - I used to be Lowander on here, many years ago, and have re-joined as Luath. Have seen a few names I still recognise! There have been huge life changes for me in the intervening years, and in the next couple of months I will be leaving Dorset and heading back up over the border home to Scotland, on my own. Life won't be that easy, but I remain optimistic and am looking forward to getting stuck into things on my own. Self-reliance is still right at the top of my list, and I'm going to be looking for a place where I can put it all into action . Exciting times for me. Hope all are well, I'm looking forward to joining in again and reading and learning. Off for a catch up now
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