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  1. I've tried my best, but I could probably water them more. I will see if that helps. Thanks. :-)
  2. Okay everyone...I have a question. We have never tried planting any type of berry bush. A few weeks ago we purchased 3 raspberry bushes from the local greenhouse. One looks okay but two ...most of the leaves are yellow and some are browning around the edges. What are we doing wrong...what do we need to do.....is this something we can even fix. Any advice is appreciated. This is our first time attempting anything like this.
  3. WOw......I got the PM first and now I see that we all won! That is so incredibly generous of you! Thank you .....thank you.....thank you.....!!!!!!!!
  4. What a nice thing for you to do! Please add my name to the list for this generous drawing. I guess the only good canning story is that one year 3 years ago I had a 50 x50 foot garden. I was able to can 51 quarts of green beans that year! I was even able to freeze over 30 quarts of corn! It was a very, very productive year. :-)
  5. Thanks for the link
  6. Older...sturdy workhorses are great, but you can even get a newer one that has been turned into a treadle sewing machine. The amish do that all the time.
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