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  1. I'm really fortunate that I already homeschool. However I've had a lot of conversations with concerned parents and grandparents in the last week. Since there are only 20 days left on the public school calendar, my advice is to not bombard those kids who are suddenly home with homework in every subject. I would use this time to do creative math with baking cookies. Recipes take care of the math portion, yummy cookies takes care of the comfort food part. I find it distressing that many people have not made plans for their children.
  2. I just ordered this book. I've got Mary T Bell's 2 books but this sounds like a great book to have too. I collect cook books too. Like others, I really do consider Mrs. S opinions valuable.....
  3. My 4 qts of fresh strawberries are finished and I put them in my glass jar as I eat them on my cereal often. Note to self, 4 qts will fit in 1 qt jar with just room enough for 2 or 3 strawberries more. I'll get more strawberries this weekend.
  4. Jules, I'm a fairly new SERIOUS prepper and I've been using this to help me: http://www.trackmyfoodstorage.com/default.aspx It's very similar to the others. I like the way I can track exactly what I have and don't have.
  5. Looks great! I am wayyyyyy behind this year with gardening.
  6. Thank you all for the lovely welcome! I've been trying to read---THE ENTIRE SITE! LOL It's a wonderfully hot sunny day here in Eastern NM...and tomorrow will be even warmer....can I send you some? I've seen SEVERAL familiar names...they kidnapped me and here I am...ok I was a willing hostage. Thanks again.
  7. Vig, you are gonna love your sealer. I love mine. I'm going to get some limas in tonight
  8. Bwhahahahah Yep I cant wait to read EVERYTHING.
  9. I have a fireplace insert with a fan I can turn on/off. I LOVE it! It does not heat my entire single level home however I can turn my thermostat waaaaaaaay down. We get free wood, we use pallets and scrap wood, we cut them to size so they stack perfectly. My FIL is retired and getting wood for the both of us is his job... I cant help you with the rain barrel question...I live in the High Plains...it doesnt rain much here.
  10. Vig, I'm lazy and buy the coleslaw mix because I know that one bag and 1lb of hamburger meat for my eggrolls is what it takes. I also like to just throw some mix in my veggie soup.
  11. Hi dehydrating friends, I'm dehydrating cabbage mix tonight. The cabbage mix I did on Sunday I blanched, the cabbage mix I did on Monday I didn't blanch. I've used both this week when making egg rolls...there was absolutely no differance in the finished egg rolls. This will finish my cabbage, I will vaccuum seal and be done with cabbage. I've got strawberries, lemons, limas, celery and carrots to do before Saturday.
  12. Hi everyone! I'm new to this site and a fairly new prepper. I've been lurking on a popular survivalsite but I like the way "we" discuss. Eeewwww those stinky boyz..lol I am currently a SAHM and I homeschool the last of our crew. Our big kids are grown and gone so just the 12 & 7 y/o girls are home now. I live in Eastern New Mexico! I'm just 8 miles from the Texas line. I have dehydrating/stockpile mania.....I'm loving it...it has changed my life forever. I can't wait to meet you all! I also hope I'm posting this to the right forum..
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