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    Let's talk tile

    I've tiled an 8'x5' bathroom floor and a 25'x15' den. I would definately do the bathroom floor again, and I'd probably do the den as well. 1) Do some reading and plenty of research before you buy the first thing. 2) Make sure your subfloor is suitable for tile. If you live in a really old house with floors that move a lot (joists that are spaced too far apart, thin sub floor, etc), you'll have to do some upgrading that can add to the cost of the project. 3) If you're planning on tiling the shower / tub area, do some more research. If you don't do this area correctly, it ca
  2. It's a pretty good show. My wife and I watch it every week (along with Dual Survival). It's particularly interesting to see her progression from the first show to the last; she's learned quite a bit along the way and it's starting to show. Aside from that it seems pretty realistic and not overly dramatic.
  3. I think woodworking and pottery are the two hobbies I have that will survive (outside of reading). My woodworking has been almost all power-tool driven for a while, but I'm starting to see many benefits to the "Neanderthal" side of the hobby (hand saws, hand planes, etc). Loss of electricity will kill my kiln and electric wheel, but I do know how to make a foot-powered wheel, and I've got plans for several different types of wood or gas-fired kilns.
  4. If it's not too late take a look at these folks: http://www.industrialcontainer.com/ I found that link in a prep-related thread on another site. The guy said that they had great customer service and decent prices. I don't know how much their shipping charges are, but they're probably worth a call if you're looking for more than one or two containers. On the right side of the page there's a link to a .pdf file listing prices for food and water storage containers. I have no personal experience with these people, but I'm keeping them on file for future purchases. Good luck!
  5. Do you know how long it will last? I did a bit of reading on this topic quite a while ago and seem to remember that it will only store for a couple of years before it starts to lose strength. Then again, maybe I am mistaken. (?) Thanks, Jay
  6. It's not just you. I'm getting worried as well. Some days I wonder if I need to see a shrink, or if all of this really is justifiable. I was exposed to prepping about two years ago. One year ago my wife and I read The Road. Since I had done some research on preps I used that opportunity to explain my feelings to my wife. I was concerned that she was going to think I was a little off of my rocker, but my concern was misplaced. She agreed with me and we started talking about it frequently. It took a good bit of time to move from reading, researching, and planning into the doing sta
  7. Total collapse? I'm not sure what your definition of a total collapse is, but I don't think it's the same as mine. I don't forsee the government collapsing. They have too much power and they won't let it go. They'll fight with us and with each other in order to maintain their slice of the pie. However, I can picture a huge transformation "necessitated" by economic disaster and the subsequent civil unrest. Large numbers of Executive Orders and emergency policies enacted through FEMA and other agencies for "the good of the people" or some other such nonsense...
  8. I love chicken and dumplings! A few years ago my wife and I were in the mood for some chicken and dumplings. Since neither of us had tried to cook this particular dish, we did a good bit of research before firing up the stove. We tried the lump (biscuit?) style dumplings. The instructions told us to pinch off a fat tablespoon of dough and drop 'em in, so that's what we did. Man, did it smell great! My mouth was watering the entire time. I was sooo ready! Imagine my surprise when I took the lid off of the pot and found a half dozen baseball sized dumplings! I still don't
  9. Hi Darlene, Where do you get lethicin? Is lethicin the same as commercial conditioners? I've been experimenting with home-ground wheat breads and a bread machine. So far, I like the flavor of hard white mixed with a little hard red wheat, but I'm not happy with the density and rise of the loaves. Adding gluten has helped (3 tablespoons per 3 cups of flour), but I think it could be better. I've looked at the dough conditioner on the Honeyville web site, but I'm not sure if that's a direction I should go, or if I need to change the recipe. If it helps, here's the ingredien
  10. How about adding a relief valve to the system? Lee's Aquarium Airline Control Kit I'm not sure if these would fit your vacuum line or not. If so, you could add one regular T between the food sealer and the lid attachment. Off of that T, add a short hose with an on-off valve at the end. Would this would give you the ability to break the vacuum after the lid is sealed? Note: I have not tried this yet. It's on my to-do list, but way down towards the bottom...
  11. It is indeed. I may do just that! Do the weights fit all Presto canners?
  12. Well, nuts. I guess that's the safe thing to do. Too much time elapsed. I've got a day off next week. I'll see if I can locate the extension office and take the gauge in for testing. Thanks everyone; better luck to us next time!
  13. I believe we used the recipe from the Ball blue book, but I'll have to confirm that with my wife. After a bit of reading, I figured that the glass top stove might have been an issure, but things ran fine for the beans. I dunno really; I guess I'll have to research that one a little more. Also, the canner is brand new and we didn't think to have the gauge tested. I'll look into doing that this week. Thanks fot that heads up
  14. Sorry I wasn't clear: the tomatoes were packed in their own juice and we were processing for 25 minutes. After 15 minutes the pressure dipped a pound or so below the recommended level. We kicked the heat up immediately, and then added another 10 minutes to our processing time for safety. End result: we were probably short a few consecutive minutes at the appropriate pressure, but the overall cook time was 10 minutes longer than required. I'm just not sure how much of a dip in pressure is acceptable, if any at all.
  15. Hello all, My wife and I have finally decided to try our hands at canning. We bought four pounds of green beans and a few more pounds of tomatoes. The beans went well. While heating things up we slid right on past the 10lb pressure goal to 11.5-12lbs for a few minutes before settling back down to 10.5 for the remaining time. All of the jars look good and sealed well. The tomatoes, on the other hand, did not go quite as planned. We dipped slightly below the recommended pressure (6lbs?) for a minute or so, somewhere near the 15 minute mark. We tacked another 10 minutes on to the pro
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