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  1. These 2 links would fit in a couple of places, but I figured they would get the most exposure here. http://www.ssrsi.org/ods/bin/eatplant.htm http://www.journeytoforever.org/farm_libra...C.html#contents
  2. I use candles, oil lamps and I have a propane lamp for when a bright light is needed. I also went to our local $ 's worth and bought some packages of 4 of those "tap" lights for where flames are not safe(like the bathroom or beside the kid's beds).
  3. shamrockus


    How awesome,Jo. Best wishes to both of you! Suzy
  4. Have a tall cold glass of tea to help keep you cool on that tread mill. Suzy
  5. When I was in College a Professor asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, Then the only answer that I had was that I wanted to help people. Well now I know the real answer to that question!!! When I grow up , I want to be just like Darlene! To be able to give from my heart! You are one of my heros! (The other being my Mom!) Suzyq
  6. shamrockus


    Mother and I are in chat all alone. Anyone going to join us?
  7. Lightning hit my computer last week. I had to dig out my old one and install a new modem in it. I'm learning a lot about the inside of my computer. LOL But it sure feels good to be back
  8. My first try at pressure canning came out perfect!! Homemade=home canned chicken soup. Thank you Darlene and everyone that post the wonderful recipes and encouragement. Now to find something else to can. (as I rummage through the freezer to see what is hiding)
  9. Magpie, In the 4th paragraph is the link to register. Hope this helps. (click on the underlined word---registration--) Suzy
  10. As i posted earlier, My new pressure canner came earlier this week. I can tell you all, this is one beautiful pressure canner!!! Dar, you are gonna make someone VERY happy!!!
  11. I will bring a rainbow platter of fresh veggies! Ya know , those tiny grape tomatoes, broccoli,coliflower, strips of green peppers,carrots,,celery and some mushrooms. And of course some delectible ranch dipping sauce! PSSSSST Cat~ Where did you say we could stash these cans of cheese?
  12. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bucharest, Romania, is just up the road from me. They've had bird flu there since last October. They've had a few cases of humans being sick (suspected BF) for about ten days. Two parts of the city have been put under quarantine. Troops out, shops closed. Panic and disbelief setting in. No razorwire and no shot escapees, yet. Many of these people have no preps. Don't think that it can't happen, where you live Copied with permission from the HT site. Author is one of our newer members. Not sure what name she uses here. maybe she will post and give us some more info.
  13. I'm not sure that I remember, my ex-mil told me years ago. I think it had something to due with the "gassy" effect, that hte beans "explode "under the pressure and clog the steam valve.
  14. I have "heard" that it is not "safe" tho cook bean soup in a pressure cooker, Is the same true for pressure canning it?
  15. LOL Yup, winter squash!!!!!!! Tilled compost into the garden and the WHOLE garden was winter squash! Also hit the edge of compost pile with the lawnmower and had the same squash over half of my front yard!
  16. Just give me a week or two, Thanks to a God sent Angel, I will soon join the "Canning Corps" Wish me luck.... Suzy woohoo!!
  17. shamrockus


    My exSIL DD's still best friend, got married last Saturday. Nope, sorry, not me yet.
  18. shamrockus


    Hello, hello, hello!!!!!! please, please ,please forgive me for neglecting my friends!!! More to come later . Love you all!!!!!!! SuzyQ
  19. I would like to introduce Michael and Lori Amishway Homesteaders. New friends of mine that I invited to Join us here.
  20. What a beautiful name! Big Girl too,. Congratulations!!
  21. shamrockus


    UUUMMMMMM, I Forgot? No body told me to, It's not my turn, The dog ate my keyboard
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