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  1. CGA, I hate having to do it, but you always have to check the supplement facts before ordering or comparing product, and not just from Vitacost. Personally, I've been ordering from Vitacost for four years, 10:1 over everybody else, primarily because their NSI brand is a high quality product at very reasonable prices. I've compared them to high quality brands, which I also buy there, and suspect they're manufactured at the same facility, in the same lot. I also find many things cheaper there, such as the 100% Olive Oil soap I use, and all-natural toothpastes, skin products, etc.. If I
  2. FWIW, both of the above are possibilities, and there are at least a handful of other common ones. But without more history, there is no way to proceed with setting up an order of things to rule out, because it's just guessing. However, Gluten Intolerance certainly comes to mind, as does IBS or one of it's forms, as her doctor suggested. But in almost any case, probiotics is the first thing to do, and by far the EASIEST. If probiotics don't relieve the symptoms, and more often than not they will, then you move on down the list using the history as a guide. There is an elderly lady
  3. Well, the Lord bless you. I think I can help, but first a few questions .... 1) How long has this been going on? 2) Have you ever had anything like this before? 3) Have you recently been on antibiotics or have a long history with them? There's any number of things this might be, but if you don't mind providing info I'll try to help ... even if you want to go PM .. I'm assuming you'd rather not go through conventional medicine unless it's necessary - and sometimes it is, of course. Regardless, the first thing I would do is get hold of a good probiotic formula. Thi
  4. Yeah, Jesus already answered that question, in Matthew 14, 15 and other places. He'd simply take care of the need and feed the people. But with all respect the question, it seems to me, should be "What would Jesus have YOU do?". And, IMHO, there's little chance that the answer to that is static. Further, the answer may not be the same for everyone. Jesus may have the most of us doing one thing, or similar things in the preparation stages, and something totally different when the time comes. As important as preparation for material survival is, and I would never diminish that, I b
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