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The Convictions of the Young

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It truly amazes me the state in which I thought my Generation was in. A few years ago I was watching the movie Pearl Harbor and I honestly started to wonder where that sense of duty went in the generation that I was growing up in. Not many decided to join the military now-a-days just because they felt like it was their civic duty. Quite, honestly, I know a lot of kids that joined just to pay for college, see the world on Uncle Sam's dime, or to get out of Tucson.


This really made me sad because this is where our country is headed. Self seeking children that really had no sense of their history. I myself knew that I could not sacrifice my life in the way that the miltary demands, but I have always respected the all of the branches of military since my grandpa, dad, and sister have all been in the one branch of service or another.

After watching that movie I pushed the disappointment into the corners of my mind so I didn't dwell but knew I needed to remember this extrely disturbing realization.

A few years ago I met my NOW husband and his merry band of immature friends. They were full of ambition and heart but never really did anything but make me laugh. Until one day they both told Angus (My husband) that they were enlisting in the Army. When he asked them why they were joining it was because they wanted to do something for our country. Their first thought was to join the Coast Guard, but there was something deeper tugging at them that showed them that, that was not enough. So they were going to go protect the United States of America.

That was 3 years ago and now they are both almost finished with a year in Iraq far away from their wives, family, and friends.

A few days ago I realized that it is not that this generation that has lost the sense of duty, it is just the convictions of some that are sometimes lost in mist of others selfishness. So here is my prayer:


I pray for those with the convictions and strength that do what it is that they were called to. I thank you all for what it is that you are willing to give, and for making sure that Me and Mine are safe and our rights are protected. God Bless You, and may you have many safe returns.

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I ditto your sentiments.


I come from a long line of military personnel in my family...from Generals to Enlisted men and women. I too, share the depth of appreciation to those that are willing to lay their lives on the line. A few months ago, my oldest son considered going into the Marines and it was a very emotional experience for me. I finally sat down with him and had a long talk (through many tears) and explained how I supported his decision, if that was what he wanted, and took that opportunity to tell him many things that we sometimes forget to say.


I support our military unquivicably, and defy any *flag burner* who doesn't have the guts to support the freedoms we all have been so blessed with.


Welcome to MrsS and thank you for your post.

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TruLeigh, what a thoughtful post. I think that earlier generations understood Patriotism because they saw war, or remember the Cuban Missle Crisis, and grade school attack exercises. We blessedly lived for many years without being involved in war. I think that 9/11 was a changing point for so many. Young people suddenly understood what a great country this is, and the magnitude of what has been threatened. It is admirable that your husband's friends were moved to join the military to do their duty.


There is a house in my neighborhood that displays a blue star in their window. I say a prayer every day for that unknown soldier, and hold my breath every time I pass the home hoping that the star has not changed to gold.


Welcome to Mrs. S. I visited your city last year, and will be back next May for my niece's wedding. She is being married at the Oasis at Wild Horse Ranch, and she graduated from Law School in Tucson in May 05. It was so neat to go out to the Saguaro forest. So beautiful.

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