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Florida VS UP

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Thats the UP of Michigan. This was sent to me by the guy in charge of alumni relations for Michigan Tech. di

Florida vs. the U.P.

They have Space Mountain, we have Iron Mountain

They have Downtown Disney, we get the Disney Channel

They *have* gators, we *wear* gaiters

They have orange trees, we have blaze orange

They have "y'all," we have "youse guys"

They have Tampa Bay, we have Bete Grise

They have Busch Gardens, we have L'Anse Vegas

They have Miami Beach, we have Agate Beach

They have Carnival Cruise Lines, we have the Ranger III

They have the Orange Bowl, we have Suicide Bowl

They have the Kennedy Space Center, we have Mystery Spot

They have humidity, we have frigidity

They have Orlando in the sunshine, we have

Escanaba in da Moonlight

See you in 2003!



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