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Rain drops on roses, and wiskers on kittens...

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What are a few of YOUR favorite things?

Mine include:

My DD's voice and laugh

When my DH tickels me

snuggling with both DD and DH



night time talks with my sisters

going out with my niece

Long talks with my Mom


I'll add more after some of you have responded. What makes you smile?

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my children laughing


first signs of spring

peaceful twilight evenings in the garden

getting private messages - I love that little flashing envelope

gossiping with my mum

talking with friends

messaging my sister who I am back in contact with after a very rocky few years

candles, moonlight, friendship

our pygmy goat fainting (I know that's not really funny - you just have to see it)

you all here



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Caveman's dead pan humor

puppy kisses

the smell of a horses coat in the summer

peonies in full bloom

rainy days

watching the night sky

an unexpected phone call from a far away friend

watching my nieces and nephew become happy, successful, productive adults.

being alone in the barn at night..listening to the animals quietly enjoying their dinner.....the smells......

puppy exuberance

an infant child grasping your finger

thunder storms

snuggling with Caveman

a fire on a cold winter night

the music of a stream

catching a glimpse of wildlife


the Oregon coastline, especially when wild

my Mother's smile

quiet summer evenings on the patio

bbq's with good friends

watching hummingbirds

galloping on a favorite horse

wind in my hair

the smell of freshly cut hay

a nostalgic song on the radio

sailing the San Juan Islands

seeing the Aurora Borealis

the twilight color of an Arctic day

the smell of bread baking

........I could go on and on......it's so true that the best things in life are free!

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Making my husband have a good hardy laugh

Family night


Snowstorms (while I'm inside with a cup of cocoa and a roaring fire!)


Fresh flowers


Holding DD's hand

Holding DH's hand

A good book.........

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All of the above...I can't improve on those lists, I have to say the little gifts that you know were from God(something that you don't need ,but that you wish for in your heart of hearts, and you receive at the most unexpected times) .....

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