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Tax man

Fella came driving up to a farmer one day, said he was with the tax department and would like to look the place over. The farmed told him that might not be a good idea, and the fella said 'Why?' The farmer reminded the fella that they'd never met before and he didn't know him from Adam. So the fella pulled out his card, the farmer looked it over and said, well, it looks alright to me - of course i still have reservations about you wandering around the place. The fella said he'd start in the barn so away he went. A minute later, he's yelling for help and the farmer yelled 'What's wrong?' The guy said 'The bull has me cornered!' So the farmer yelled back, 'Why not show him your card?'


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Reminds me of the time some city folks stopped at my Amish aunt's house for some REAL farm eggs. The man wanted to actually watch the girls gather the eggs, too, so they let him go in with them.


They did quite well controlling their laughter until he was gone.


Apparently he inched his way through the hungry hens saying, "Excuse me, chickens, excuse me!"




(true story!!)

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