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"Aubergines" - That's what the little paper had written on it when I got it in the mail.


"Hmmm," I wondered, "Is that the name of the person, or the name of these funny little seeds?"


*Somebody* had sent me the seeds with no explanation, and I certainly didn't recognize the return address.


So I planted them, watered them, and by-and-by little green shoots came up, spread tiny green leaves to the sun, and eventually I transplanted them into my garden.


Not sure what they might do, or how they might spread, I planted them in the corner of my garden. The chickens were curious, but kept their distance as the plants grew into fine, healthy specimens.


The plants bloomed with nice yellow flowers, and then I spied small, smooth fruits of some kind growing where each flower had bloomed.


One day, I found my fluffy black hen sitting under one of the plants, with one of the plant's stems bent curiously under her.


The next day, two other hens had assumed the same strange behavior, until finally each plant had a hen under it, carefully shielding a branch of the plant.


They were guarding each plant so jealously that I never was able to check them out closely, so I just left them alone.


Finally, one bright morning I went out to enjoy the morning, and I heard a loud "Cluck, cluck, cluck!"


There in the yard I found each hen followed by a clutch of sweet little chicks, each one a deep, rich purple color!!


So that's when I found out that "aubergines" are...
















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