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Sep 1, 2003



Workin' Man

By Ed Peterman


I was never one to eavesdrop

when someone was having a chat. But late one night as I came through our yard, I found I was doing just that. My wife was talking to our youngest son as he sat on the kitchen floor, So I stopped quietly to listen just outside the back screen door.


Seems she'd heard some kids

all bragging about their daddy's jobs. How they all were big executives . .

and then they asked our Bob, "What fine career does your father have?" their queries all began. Bob mumbled low as he looked away, "He's just a workin' man."


My good wife waited 'til they all had left, then called our young boy in. She said, "I have something to tell you, Son," as she kissed his dimpled chin. "You said your dad's just a workin' man, and what you said was true. But I doubt if you know what that really means, so I'll explain it all to you."


"In all the sprawling industries

that make our country great. In all the shops and stores and trucks that daily haul our freight . . . Whenever you see a new house built, remember this, my son. It took the common workin' man to get that big job done!"


"It's true - executives have nice desks and stay real clean all day. They plan big projects to achieve . . . send memos to relay. But to turn their dreams into fact, remember this, my son. It takes the common workin' man to get those big jobs done!"


"If all the bosses left their desks and knocked off for a year. The wheels of industry still could turn - running in high gear. If men like your dad aren't on the job, that industry can't run. ‘Cause it takes the common workin' man to get the big jobs done!"


Well, I choked back a tear

and cleared my throat as I

entered through the door.

My young son's eyes lit up for joy as he jumped up off the floor. He gave me a hug as he said, "Hey, Dad, I'm so proud to be your son . . . 'Cause you're one of the men - the special men - who get the big jobs done."




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So true for sure. If it weren't for the average working people, there would be a lot not done.


Thanks for this post, Ginger.





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