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My First Cackleberries!

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The day started out to be stressful and ugly. I was dreading setting foot out of bed. So I'm getting ready and heading out to the coop and I hear a ruckus. I knew they needed crumbles and I figured they had probably knocked over their water.


As I open the door, I see them - 3 glorious eggs on the floor of the coop! They are each slightly a different shade, a different color of lovely light brown. I let out a squeal like a little girl! :cele:


Now, I know I might not get eggs every day at first, but I'm just so thrilled at these first ones!


I just had to post quickly here, for I knew you all would want to rejoice with me!



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Well, yesterday evening there was an egg, and this morning there was another one. Until I get some brooder boxes built, I snatched an old cast-iron baby bath tub my grandma gave me, cleaned it out and tossed some wood shavings in it. The girls knew *exactly* what to do with it. :)

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I don't know know how many nesting boxes you are planning to have, but usually one per 3 hens is more than ample. And more often than not, they'll all use the same one anyway. :D

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